Zero Scooter

The Zero Scooter has been designed to include elements from both the Vespa and the Segway. This super creative vehicle is electric and capable of travelling up to 21 miles without needing to be recharged. Zero ScooterA custom, made to order creation that is manufactured by hand. The body of this scooter has been made from parts of a Piaggio. It balances on it's own and is sure to attract a lot of attention.

The name of this contraption is the "Zero Scooter" It is easier to use than a normal Segway. It has been designed so that there is no leaning when a user gets on and it can be ordered in different colors.

vespa-segway-2 The creators claim that the Zero Scooter can sharper slopes than any other scooter. It can also turn a full 360 degrees on the spot. vespa-segway-3 The design house responsible for the Zero Scooter is Bel&Bel. Bel&Bel is a Catatonian based design house. vespa-segway-4 It features two independent motors and is electric. A great way to get around, save money on fuel and look really cool!vespa-segway-5