Yuca Hair Dryer

yuca_01The modern woman’s life is a tough one- raising kids, working, taking care of the house… all while staying attractive and beautiful, of course! The Yuca Hair Dryer is here to help make that part a little easier. The design is ergonomically adapted to be held in the variety of positions required for getting your hairdo just right. Better yet, it can rest flat on any surface, leaving your hands free to comb, brush your teeth, or even use your cellphone. The result is mind-blowing freedom!370d851c013786d3c2af3342969bfab5
А surface plane on the curling handle of the appliance allows you to place it on your dresser or the bathroom vanity so that you can juggle a hairbrush, as well as your makeup or your cellphone. For optimal control, however, the blow-dryer should be held with one hand. Consider that Fanni Csernátony's spiraling hand grip of the Yuca Hair Dryer lets you comfortably hold it at all different angles, depending on which part of your coif you're fixing.

yuca_04... a plane surface to enable the hairdryer stand on the table while working properly (blowing the air at the right angle and not covering the grid on the back where the air enters)

yuca_05... different positions help you to dry your hair from every angle without your muscles getting too tiredyuca_06 yuca_07 yuca_08

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