Yoga bliss: 9 ultimate gift ideas for yoga devotees

Yoga bliss: 9 ultimate gift ideas for yoga devotees

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June 21 is the longest day in the northern hemisphere, but that's not precisely the only significance of this date. Since 2015, this date has been commemorated as Yoga Day, celebrating the physical, mental, and spiritual practice that keeps people healthy on all fronts. It'd be fair to say that yoga is a lifestyle in itself, provided how it affects your routine on a day-to-day basis.

If you've got colleagues, friends, or family members who are devoted yoga practitioners, here are a few gifts for yoga lovers that are bound to impress them. You can also get any of these if you contemplate embracing yoga. That being said, let's take a look at these gift ideas and how they can make a difference in our lives.

1. HemingWeigh Yoga Kit

Source: HemingWeigh / Amazon
Source: Hemingweigh/Amazon

If you've, or someone from your contacts has already started doing yoga exercises, this happens to be the best gift to go for because it encompasses all the essentials you'd need to start with a daily exercise routine. It comes with a comfortable mat that's easy on the knees, two blocks of support, and two microfiber towels.

The HemingWeigh Yoga Kit is available for seven dollars and is an excellent gift for anyone starting lovely with a yoga routine. It can be used for meditation, pilates, stretching, and other exercises.

2. Yoga LED Art 3D Lamp

Yoga bliss: 9 ultimate gift ideas for yoga devotees
Source: Amazon

How about sprucing up their living room with a lovely lamp that symbolizes what they love the most? This LED 3D lamp exudes warm light and produces a 3D effect. It's also a great companion if you're afraid of complete darkness at night; this lamp will exude soft light and illuminate the room.

This LED lamp provides a unique 3D effect with soothing light and is energy efficient. Boasting a life expectancy of 10,000 hours, it's made of high-quality pine wood without any sharp edges on the base that may cause injuries. Also, it's feather-weight and portable.

3. Premium Yoga Cards

Yoga bliss: 9 ultimate gift ideas for yoga devotees
Source: Asana Moon/Amazon

For yoga beginners or instructors, these Yoga cards can go a long way in helping you understand different exercises and positions. They have attractive illustrations of the activities and names that are clear to read.

This yoga card deck has 108 cards with over 120 yoga poses and 12 sequences to help users learn and teach yogic exercises. Along with beautiful illustrations, the cues are pretty easy to read and execute for users, irrespective of their skill level.

4. Zenocity Yoga Back Roller

Yoga bliss: 9 ultimate gift ideas for yoga devotees
Source: Zenocity/Amazon

The Zenocity Yoga Back Roller is precisely useful if you're trying out stretching exercises to alleviate back pain. Capable of holding up to 440 lbs, you can hold your stretches for a long time with this back roller supporting you. Overall, it's a pretty sturdy accessory that'll ensure your stretches improve over time.

The Zencity Yoga Back Roller comes with posture padding technology that contours according to your body as you move and stretch over it. With this accessory, trying out difficult stretches without your neck, spine, shoulders, or muscles feeling the brunt of it and facing any pain is possible.

5. Ecotom Exercise Dice

Yoga bliss: 9 ultimate gift ideas for yoga devotees
Source: Ecotom/Amazon

This exercise dice is yet another thoughtful gift for yoga lovers. It's designed to add a playful experience to the yoga routine and make the exercise session more interactive. Three dice are included in this kit; during the game, they'll decide which exercise and how many reps you must perform in the session.

The ecotom exercise dice are designed to simplify a yoga routine and make it more exciting and playful, eradicating any boredom that might creep in while you exercise. Made of foam, it's incredibly lightweight and can be carried anywhere, anytime.

6. Danya B. Iron Sculpture

Yoga bliss: 9 ultimate gift ideas for yoga devotees
Source: Danya B/Amazon


Now, this one's not going to help with any exercise, but it's a great gift idea if the recipient owns probably every yoga accessory you can think of. Exuding elegance, it is made of durable iron and is a beautiful tabletop accessory.

The Danya B. Iron Sculpture is a great tabletop accessory made of sturdy iron and can escalate the overall look of a coffee table, bedside table, or bookshelf. Showcasing a woman sitting in a yogic pose makes an excellent gift for any yoga lover or instructor.

7. Hihealer Large Meditation Cushion

Yoga bliss: 9 ultimate gift ideas for yoga devotees
Source: HiHealer/Amazon

The Hihealer Large Meditation Cushion ensures you enjoy all the comfort you deserve during meditation sessions. It has a soft fabric and an elegant silver coloring that gives it a luxurious look. Furthermore, it's also durable and built to last long term.

The Hihealer Large Meditation Cushion allows users to sit comfortably during meditation sessions. Boasting a luxurious silver velvet covering, it is available in three other colors, so you never have a scarcity of choice if you want to choose a different color.

8. Tibetan Singing Bowl

Yoga bliss: 9 ultimate gift ideas for yoga devotees
Source: Himalayan Healing/Amazon

Tibetan singing bowls, sometimes known as Himalayan singing bowls, have impressive healing properties through the sound they produce. The one we see here is adorned with sacred Buddhist mantras and the holy third eye symbol in the center. It's a fantastic accessory if you wish to have a soothing sound around you while doing yoga exercises or meditation.

Handmade by Himalayan artisans, this Tibetan Singing Bowl can produce relaxing sounds to soothe your joints, muscles, and shoulders. This bowl's vibrations can also foster creativity and enhance your artistic expression.

9. Zinsk 8-pc Wood Yoga Dice Set

Yoga bliss: 9 ultimate gift ideas for yoga devotees
Source: Zinsk/Amazon

For yoga practitioners, setting a yoga routine can be a challenging task to accomplish at times, especially for beginners. This wooden yoga dice set comes with 48 different poses engraved on them.

You must roll the dice and practice the exercise that comes out on top. Each die focuses on another aspect of the body, so you've got a proper routine to follow instead of doing random exercises that may end up with no benefits for your body.

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