World's First Smart Rifle

World's First Smart Rifle

This smart sniper system has been designed for reducing the impact of human error. Any gun enthusiast or hunter is aware of the fact that human error is the main issue when it comes to shooting any target. Sometimes errors stem from miscalculations or simply overlooking some important factor. TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearms by XactSystem is a huge step forward when it comes to avoiding these types of errors. TrackingPoint was formed in February of 2011 and the first prototype was created in March 2011. Since then many improvements have been made and new models are planned for release in 2014.

xs1-right-side-silo_0Source: Talon Precision Optics

The TrackingPoint precision guided system uses several interesting component technologies. These include a Barrel Reference System, Guided Trigger, A Networked Tracking Scope, Recording via an integrated camera and a Heads Up Display. The software is upgradeable and Field Software can be uploaded to the scope to add capacity. The Heads Up Display (HUP) indicates range, wind and reticle and it also features all of the icons that you need to see. Such as the wifi on/off icon and the compass icon. Each system is tested and zeroed before it is shipped to ensure it is in optimal condition.

ssSource: Oren Schauble/Wikimedia Commons


Source ( tracking-point )

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