Wire Cutting Technology

Wire Cutting Technology

The Advantages and Uses of Precision Wire Cutting:

The wire-cutting process uses high electric current via a thin wire to cut various conductive materials hence leaving a uniform smooth surface that does not require polishing. The process is commonly used to make punches, cut plates, dies, and tools from conductive materials. It also uses hard-to-machine metals including metal alloys, carbide, graphite, and diamond. A wire is placed between lower and upper diamond guides and they are simultaneously controlled by a CNC. The upper guide is often able to move independently thus offering the ability to cut tapered shapes and control axes movements.

Wire Cutting Process

Wire-cut EDM has the ability to cut very delicate and shapes due to its precise and responsive programming. It also has low residual stress since it lacks the cutting forces. The cutting wire usually does not touch the material rather it uses erosion when a spark forms between the wire and material. A normal wire EDM process usually consists of different passes that move at different speeds. The first passes are fast moving with lower accuracy so as to remove huge chunks of material. The second step consists of skim passes that retrace cuts at low speeds and they remove less amounts of material while improving the cut accuracy. In case any complex cuts are required, a drilled hole on the raw material is threaded with a thin wire EDM. Wire EDM is commonly used in creation of blanking punches, extrusion of dies, tool and metal fabrication. It also offers wire cutting services by making components for aerospace, medical, automotive, energy, micro manufacturing and jewelry industries.

Advantages and Uses

Wire cutting services have various advantages including: providing high accuracy for tight fitting parts, making sharp inside corners, cutting material thickness with fractions of an inch and avoiding the use of custom tooling. It also offers unique 2D shapes including thin walls, cutouts, and intricate openings. Examples include custom robot parts, die and punch tooling, custom gears, mold components and stripper plates. Wire cutting services can be effectively applied to stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, spring steel, brass, super alloys, bronze and different metals that are hard to machine. It is also cost effective through reduction of cut surface area, stacking different parts during cutting, providing small gaps connecting holes to the outer edges. Wire cutting offers various design considerations including: smooth and matte edges, typical surface finishes of between 16-64 micro-inches, removal of burrs from the finished edges, and rounded sharp internal corners.

Precise Machining
Wire cutting also offers precise machining on various complex shapes through its responsive linear motors. The automatic processing offers a smooth surface finish on complex work pieces without the necessity of adjusting the machining conditions. It is also able to precisely machine hard to machine metals hence offering high precision machining at high speeds. The auto threading is highly reliable and has wide angled taper guides. The precise machining greatly improves the machining accuracy and offers distinct and smooth complex shapes that are durable. Precise wire cutting services are thus highly accurate and reliable for normal and 2D shapes.

Laurel Wire Company offers different wire cutting and straightening services in the industry. The company specializes in strip material, flat and round wire in cut and straightened lengths. The company also provides various materials using a wide variety of tempers and alloys. It normally offers services to various clients involved in the innovative manufacturing industry including: fishing, machining, Swiss screw, electrical, sculpting, medical, sculpting, automotive, acoustical ceilings, wire warehousing, aerospace, body jewelry, bookbinding, wire forms and extension drills.

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