Wilson Smart Basketball With Shot Sensor

Wilson Smart Basketball With Shot Sensor

The world-renowned Wilson Sporting Goods Company makes the Wilson Smart Basketball With Shot Sensor.

This basketball is a smart basketball because it is able to do so many things that a regular basketball can not possibly do. You can use this ball to track your shots. Pair your smart device with the ball because data the ball collects is sent to your device via Bluetooth. There are also many other cool features, and the ball does not need to be charged. Inside the ball, there is a built-in long-life battery. The battery is very powerful because it is strong enough to last for about 100, 000 shots. This is approximately 150 shots every day for two years, so it will last for a very long time.

These features are great because they can assist with training in so many ways and they are a lot of fun. The data collected by the ball is useful because it can help you identify your strengths and your weaknesses. This is great because it can help you focus your training in necessary areas.

Anyone who loves to play basketball or spends time training is sure to love this smart ball. This is a fantastic gift idea for a student or a basketball enthusiast.


Wilson Smart Basketball With Shot Sensor

Wilson Smart Basketball With Shot Sensor

Source: Amazon/Wilson

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