What Colour Cast Iron Radiator

What Colour Cast Iron Radiator

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Keep the home warm and cozy with the nostalgic elegance of a cast iron radiator. Convection heat is ideal for any room in the house, and radiators are especially great for any flat. But, if one is remodeling or building new, he or she may wonder what styles of radiators are available, and what colors are an optimal fit. Fortunately, there are as many options as there are questions.

Modern Cast Iron Radiators
Today's radiators come in a variety of shapes, sizes, metals, and colours. They are constructed to the highest standards and are excellent sources of heat distribution. Radiators are available in the forms of traditional cast iron, steel, or aluminum. Most, particularly cast-iron models, can be painted to compliment any home, flat or room.

Matching Classic Looks to the Best Colours
For those homeowners who love the look and charm of real cast iron radiators, choosing one--and the best colour--might be a tough decision. With several different styles from which to choose, one can either opt to match a time period, fashion or just make the radiator a center piece in a room's decor. For instance, a flat or home may have the look and feel of the late Victorian age, but the owner or interior decorator may wish to spice things up with something more modern looking. On the other hand, Victorian style radiators are quite popular, elegant and compliment any room. They are available in many different colours, providing customers with a variety of choices for matching or contrasting existing decor.
Most cast iron radiator manufacturers offer a palette of colours, allowing customers the opportunity to match a room to the radiator, or the other way around. Regardless of what colour is chosen, the customer will love the high quality of a great looking and durable paint that can be powder coated for the best adherence. What colour cast iron radiator can work in what room may be a personal quandary that might require some extra consideration, but choosing one model over another may come a little easier, as all are crafted beautifully.

Victoriana: Older, period properties are often challenging to work with. Fortunately the Victoriana is highly compatible with a plethora of looks and varying historical time frames. Classic, timeless good looks make this model a natural choice for any home.

Viscount: A slimmer, sleeker design makes the Viscount practical for smaller rooms, though it retains the charm of an older period. This model looks awesome when painted.

Bohemian: Small, out of the way--almost rustic; this model looks great with a standard dark pewter finish, but is available in any colour.

Art Deco: A classic style from days gone by, an art deco radiator is a cast iron radiator meant to look futuristic when it was first designed. These accommodate both bold and subtle colours, alike.

Royal: Beauty, simplicity and opulence so tastefully combined. These look wonderful with the dark grey pewter finish, but are available in a multitude of paint finishes.

What colour cast iron radiator can work in what room will ultimately depend upon the customer's tastes. But the homeowner looking to buy high quality radiators will love the choices in colours and styles a supplier like AEL Heating Solutions has to offer. Whether the homeowner is working with wallpaper, paint or a wood finish, there is a radiator for every room and a colour for every radiator.

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