Weird Unique Cockroach Cushion

Weird Unique Cockroach Cushion

This weird unique cockroach cushion is perfect if you love strange and interesting home decor items. A funny gag gift for someone who doesn't like creepy crawly insects or leave it around your house in strange places to prank people. If you know a child that loves stuffed animals this is one they might like because it is so unique.

Weird Unique Cockroach Cushion

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Weird Unique Cockroach Cushion - Halloween Decor

Place one or several of these around your home for a fun Halloween decorating idea. Because it is not just ghosts that scare people but everyday insects are feared by many.

Weird Unique Cockroach Cushion - Gift Idea

You will be giving something very unique when you present this as a gift. It is not just fun as a gag gift because many people love insects so will find this very cool. This is the perfect gift for a child who is learning about insects in school or someone who has a passion for learning about different creatures.

Weird Unique Cockroach Cushion - Interesting Decor

This cushion os perfectly suited if you like to decorate with items that catch people's attention. Perfect for a gothic styles home or a fun entertainment area such as a family room. It is sure to entertain everyone who happens to see it. Display it with a collection of other fun cushions or by itself.

cockroach cushion

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