Ways to Use Neem Oil

Ways to Use Neem Oil

Many people have heard of Neem oil but very few people know what it can be used for. Even fewer people know all of its uses. Neem oil can be used for health issues, medical issues, cosmetic issues, and even for your hair.

Ways to Use Neem Oil

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Ways to Use Neem OilHere are some of the uses for Neem Oil:

Reduce Skin Aging
One of the uses that made Neem oil so famous is that it can fight aging. The antioxidants in the Neem oil helps to protect your skin from damage that the environment throws at it. The vitamins and carotenoids also help to remove wrinkles and lines that tend to appear as you age.

Fighting Acne
People are looking to proactive and other chemical cures for acne but the answer is as simple as Neem oil. It removes the bacteria from the skin and clears pimples up. It also contains a compound that is similar to aspirin which means that it can help to fight irritation and redness left behind by acne or even by other causes.

Fight Frizzy Hair and Moisturize
Neem oil can be added to your shampoo to help moisturize your hair and to make it frizz free. It only takes a few drops of neem oil for you to see results. Because Neem oil leaves your hair moisturized it helps to keep your head hydrated and smooth. Some experts say that it can also help to counter the effects of hair loss because it keeps your scalp healthy.

Dandruff treatment
One of the things that Neem oil is also good for is curing dandruff. Many people know the awkwardness of having white skin flakes come from their hair but sometimes traditional cures such as anti-dandruff shampoo don’t cut it. Neem oil can make it go away, in fact many dandruff shampoos have started to add Neem oil. It does this by maintaining the PH level of your scalp.

Safe insecticide
Neem oil is used quite often in gardens and farms as an insecticide. It seeps into the soil and helps stop or deter insects. The fact that Neem oil is all natural means that it is safe for the plants, animals, and your kids. You don’t have to worry about people or pets being in the area after you apply it. In fact, the Neem oil, when diluted with water, can be sprayed onto plants to make them healthier.


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