9 Ways To Keep Your Handbag Organized

9 Ways To Keep Your Handbag Organized

These 10 ways to keep your handbag organized are sure to useful to anyone who carries a handbag. Most women do carry handbags because they are a great way to make sure you have all of your little essentials with you.

There are handbag inserts that you can buy that will help you to keep your bag organized. You can also follow some of the tips below in order to sort out your bag and keep it organized.


Ways To Keep Your Handbag Organized

Felt Handbag Insert

handbag insert

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This felt handbag insert is designed to help you keep the contents of your handbag organized and accessible. When you need to locate an item that is in your bag you can simply lift out the insert to see the entire contents of your bag. This will help you to locate the item you need quickly. If you tend to keep a lot of things in your bag it is very difficult to see the contents just by looking inside the bag.


Ways To Keep Your Handbag Organized

Multi Compartment Handbag Organizer

handbag organizer insert

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This handbag organizer is an insert that fits inside your handbag. It is useful for organizing your handbag but you can also put it in your luggage or in many other types of bags. You can order it in a choice of six different colors to suit your preference. The elegant design features many pockets of different sizes so you can find a space to store all of your essentials in a convenient way.


Ways To Keep Your Handbag Organized

Remove Items That You Do Not Use Very Often


You will find that your handbag is less cluttered if you remove items that you do not use very often. Throw out things that will probably never be used again and you will find that it is much easier to find the items that you do use.


Ways To Keep Your Handbag Organized

Clean Out Your Handbag

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It is important to clean at your handbag in order to remove rubbish or unnecessary items. Set aside some time each week to do this and you will feel much more organized. The first thing to do is remove everything from your handbag. Next you should clean out any crumbs or dirt that have collected in your bag during the week. When repacking your bag be sure to remove items you have added during the week that do not need to be there. This includes things such as receipts, paperwork, snack wrappers and small purchases.


Ways To Keep Your Handbag Organized

Choose A Bag That Is The Right Size

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When it comes to handbags size is very important. Make sure your bag is just the right size to hold the things that you usually carry. Choose one that has inner pockets that are a good size to hold your important items. If your handbag is too small you will find that you often over fill it which makes it very difficult when you need to find something. Overfilling your bag can also damage zips and pockets. On the other hand if your bag is too big this causes issues too. When you carry a bag that is too large you will be tempted to fill it with things you do not need.


Ways To Keep Your Handbag Organized

Create A Place For Everything

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Have a set place in your handbag for each of your essential items. Be sure to put everything back where it belongs after you use it. Doing this makes it very easy to locate items within your bag because you will know exactly where they are.


Ways To Keep Your Handbag Organized

Cotton Canvas Pouches

handbag pouches

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If you tend to carry a lot of small items these cotton canvas pouches are a great idea. They come in a set of four and can hold your small items. Small items can be difficult to locate easily when they are loose in your handbag. This will make it much easier to keep your bag organized.


Ways To Keep Your Handbag Organized

Credit Card Case

credit card case

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Keep your cards safe, protected and easy to find in your bag with this hard backed credit card case. Many people carry a purse inside their handbag that holds their cash and cards. This is handy but if you have cards you use often such as a bus pass or credit card it can be easier to keep them in a dedicated case.


Ways To Keep Your Handbag Organized

Punch Holes In Store Cards

Ways To Keep Your Handbag Organized

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If you love to shop you may find that you have a lot of store loyalty cards. You can punch holes in these cards and store then together as shown. They can take up a lot of room in your wallet which is often not convenient. Be coreful not to punch a hole through a barcode or any other important part of the card.

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