Walk Wings: The Roller Disco Shoes

Walk Wings: The Roller Disco Shoes

Funky music, loads of people, a wood dance floor, and roller skates, all you need for an 80’s era roller disco. Okay, well you don’t need all that. All you need is the Walk Wings roller disco shoes. These crafty little inventions could help make your commute and your fun time even more fun. You can turn almost any shoe into rollerblades.

The Walk Wings are attachments for just about any shoe. They strap on to the front and the back with specially designed clips. Each side of the food is then equipped with two retractable wheels. The retractable wheels mean that you can wear them whenever you want whether you are planning to rollerblade or not. You don’t even need to be planning to go to the roller disco. They won’t even hurt or feel uncomfortable like the old metal roller skates.

The current design for the Walk Wings is not extra bulky and they do not make walking that much more difficult. You only need to watch out for scraping them against each other regularly. They do add a little bit of bulk and you won’t be able to put your feet together flush.
The company was originally hoping to fund their shoes with an Indiegogo campaign but they have since released a statement on their funding page saying that the current campaign would not provide enough funds to meet production costs. Instead, they are refunding money to anyone who provided it when the campaign ends. They are not giving up their goal of providing people with amazing roller shoes though, instead, they are switching to seeking investors. People who can help with larger contributions towards the project.

Multiple websites put up stories about the Walk Wings and with their potential to be very fun it would be a shame to see them not be produced. With their potential to bring back an era of fun and music and be a good exercise tool, the company shouldn’t have any problems finding investors. Maybe those who used to go to roller discos will invest in the company.

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