Vintage Radio Hat

An interesting blast from the past piece of technology that was forerunner to modern music devices. This vintage radio hat was released in 1949. It was ahead of it's time but was well received at first. Due to technical limitations the company stopped advertising it in 1950. People thought it was a great idea but it did not work very well. It wasn't very subtle or portable either. This was not an entirely new idea either. Similar radio devices had been around since 1922 with limited success. An American magazine named 'Modern Mechanics' published a story about a similar radio hat by a Berin inventor in 1930. In 1922 an inventor named H. Day was photographed with an adapted radio top hat. Vintage Radio Hat Re: Radio Hat.  (Photo by Lisa Larsen//T Boy customer trying on his radio hat.  ( Customer smiling as she receives a progrCustomer fumbling with the tuning knob a

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