Vest With Concealed Pockets

Vest With Concealed Pockets

Concealed Pockets

Technology is a great thing but the many cool bits and pieces we tend to want to carry with us are quite expensive. There is always the option of carrying you phone and ipad in a bag, this is not necessarily a great choice though. Thieves know that our bags hold valuable items so a handbag or carry bag is often just a huge target. Then there is always the risk of it getting lost or left somewhere accidentally. An item of clothing with concealed pockets is a fantastic choice as it is not an easily recognizable target for thieves and if you choose a wearable item it is not likely that you will put it down and leave it somewhere. There are many large jackets around with a lot of concealed pockets, these are however not very useful during the summer months.

Why A Vest?

Shits with concealed pockets may not always work well as it becomes obvious that there are pockets when there are visible bulges in your shirt! A vest is a great choice as it has enough bulk to conceal your items and is cool enough to wear during summer and great to wear under a jacket when it gets cold.

The NEW AyeGear® V26 Features

  • 26 concealed pockets
  • Comfortable to wear even when pockets are full.
  • Durable and versatile
  • Great as both outdoor and indoor wear.
  • Waterproof and windproof, perfect for camping or hiking.
  • A minimalist look which makes it ideal as street wear or for travelling.
  • Earphone routing system.
  • Zero bulge.

The Pockets

There are 26 pockets concealed inside this vest, seven on the outside and nineteen on the inside. Two of the pockets are touch sensitive as they are specifically designed for smartphones. If you have a tablet or an ipad there are two large pockets to house them and keep them safe. You can even conceal your laptop inside this cool vest, there is a pocket designed to carry a laptop of up to 15 inches. For your credit cards there are two specifically designed pockets. The other pockets vary in size and can carry a range of useful personal items.

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