Versatile Dog Kennels

Pet lovers know that it is important to create a special place where your dog feels at home. Somewhere it can rest comfortably and safely whenever needed. Most homes that are also homes to pets include an area like this. Dog kennels and beds are popular additions to any home where there is a dog present. On certain occasions though, something different is needed. Fortunately there is a range of Versatile Dog Kennels available to help solve these situations when they arise. Here is a list of common issues that you may encounter when it comes to a sleeping or resting area for your dog and some great solutions.

1. Your family enjoys camping in the great outdoors but your dog needs somewhere to sleep. The Petnation Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home, 36-Inch, for Pets up to 70 PoundsVersatile Dog Kennels is the perfect solution. It is portable and easy to pack with the rest of your outdoor gear. kennel

It is made for both indoor and out door use so is grat for your dog to relax in outside during the day and you can also put it inside your tent to keep your dog safe at night.

2. Your dog get over exited when you have people over for outdoor BBQs or gatherings. Dogs love people but people wyho are not used to your dog can become overwhelmed by an over exited animal. Rather than lock your pet inside where it has to miss all the fun the Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor KennelVersatile Dog Kennels lets your pet enjoy the company without overwhelming guests. dog kennel

An awesome way to keep your dog contained and still allow it to enjoy some fresh air outdoors.

3. You are short on space indoors and your indoor dog tends to always decide to sleep somewhere that is in your way. This can often happen when there is a rug that your pet takes a shine to in a central area or just because your pet likes to be near you. It's adorable of course, to have a pet that loves you so much but it can be annoying if you are constantly tripping over a sleeping animal. The Pet Furniture Crate End Table (Large: 36 L x 24 W x 29.25 H (35 lbs) is a fantastic solution. A great space saving idea, this indoor kennel can double as a coffee table or side table. Versatile Dog Kennels

This is a beautifully made piece of furniture that will not cheapen the look of your existing decor the way that dog beds and kennels sometimes do. Great for a home office or living area where your pet likes to hang out.

4. Your pet doesn't use it's kennel during the day because it enjoys lounging in a warm, sunny spot. If you wish to give your dog a designated area where it can soak up the sun, the PetEdge Molded Plastic Dog Kennel Deck, 8-1/2-PoundVersatile Dog Kennels is designed to do exactly that. dog kennel deck

You can add it to your existing dog kennel and give your animal some extra lounging space.

5. You can also sometimes have the oppisite problem, not enough shade. If you live in a hot environment and find that there is not enough shade to allow your pet to escape the heat of the day then the King Canopy Dog House Kennel CoverVersatile Dog Kennels will fix this problem. canopy

Easy to assemble and made to withstand weather conditions as well as protect your pet rom harmful UV rays.

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