Unusual Vintage Brass Soap Holder

Unusual Vintage Brass Soap Holder

This unusual vintage brass soap holder is cool because it is so unique. It is extremely unlikely that you will ever come across another one of these.

It will add a lovely touch to any rustic or modern bathroom. Add other brass or brass colored accessories if you enjoy the look and texture of brass. If your bathroom features common clean white this piece will really stand out as being something special.

Anyone who loves interesting antique or vintage items is sure to love this soap dish. You can not buy one of these in a local store so if you want a fabulous, antique gift to give this soap dish will fit your requirement.

There is only one of these available because it is a genuine vintage item. This soap dish was made between 1900 and 1909 in France. If you are a fan of well loved soap fragrances such as lavender and rose this is the perfect place to store them. Any decorative vintage style soaps will look amazing in this dish.

It is sure to be a stand out feature piece in your bathroom. If you have an ultra modern bathroom this will shine as an accent piece.

If you are looking for a very special gift idea you could fill this with premium soaps and give as a pack.

Unusual Vintage Brass Soap Holder

Unusual Vintage Brass Soap Holder

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