Unique Wine Gifts All Wine Lovers Would Want to Have

Unique Wine Gifts All Wine Lovers Would Want to Have

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Who does not love a nice glass of wine after a day at work or during the long, cool summer evenings? After all, as experts agree, “A bottle a day keeps the real world away”. These unique wine gifts will let you enjoy your favorite bottle even more and allow you to have fun at the same time.

Do not forget, friendships may come and go, but a good wine would stay with you forever. It is true that wine will not only relax you but let you get away from the worries and hardships of the world. It is hard to find the perfect wine which would taste just right and makes you feel livelier and happier. But it’s even harder to find the right accessories and gadgets that go with your favorite bottle of wine. Ranging from a wine bottle thermometer to an electric wine bottle opener, these unique wine gifts are not only cool but also very practical. Give these unique wine gifts as a present to your girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, brother or best friend and they will always have an excuse to let the cork loose.

Guzzle Buddy

Unique Wine Gifts All Wine Lovers Would Want to Have

Source: Amazon/Guzzle Buddy

A well-behaved person with manners would definitely not drink directly from the bottle. The Guzzle Buddy can screw right on top of your wine bottle, so you can sip from the bottle with elegance and class. The Guzzle Buddy turns the bottle into your own personal wine glass. It is a great gift for New Year’s, weddings, parties or wine picnics. It is dishwasher safe and BPA free glass.

Available Here: Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass

Wine Lock

Unique Wine Gifts All Wine Lovers Would Want to Have

Source: Amazon/Carteret

So it’s OK to keep your most valuable possessions in a safe. But it should also be OK to keep your most valuable bottle of wine locked up. Your friends will love this cool and useful gadget as a gift from you. This wine lock also acts as a preservation device and bottle stopper, allowing you to preserve wine for another day. You just have to put in the three-digit combination and this keeps the contents of your bottle safe, preventing kids from drinking your wine. It also keeps those mischievous teens and roommates away!

Available Here: Carteret Home Collection CHC-30771 Wine Combination Lock

Balloon Cork

Unique Wine Gifts All Wine Lovers Would Want to HaveSource: Amazon/Air Cork

The balloon cork will act to seal off your bottle in an airtight way without changing the taste of your favorite wine. The cork would protect the wine from oxidation for at least 3 or 4 days. You just have to push the balloon into the bottle until it reaches the wine. Then you squeeze the bulb pump to inflate the balloon. It forms an air-tight seal inside the bottle. Balloons can be used at least 80 times and more and can easily be replaced. This gadget looks so funky and is so practical that it's definitely a "must have".

Available Here: 

Please Bring me Wine Socks

Unique Wine Gifts All Wine Lovers Would Want to HaveSource: Amazon/Party Wiz

This should act as an immediate reminder to all boyfriends and hubbies that when she puts her feet up, it means that the wine should be flowing! The socks are made from luxurious combed cotton and fits US sizes 6 to 10. The non-slip design is incredibly comfortable and prevents you from sliding over. They may be novelty socks, but they feel so good you will want to wear them all the time. They are machine washable. With these socks, you never have to get up to get a glass of wine again! You just have to put your feet up and someone will get the message! They are a perfect gift for a hostess, housewarmings, birthdays, wine lovers, or even as a present for yourself.

Available Here: Party Wiz Wine Socks - If You Can Read This Bring Me A Glass Of Wine. 

Wine Bottle Thermometer

Unique Wine Gifts All Wine Lovers Would Want to Have

Source: Amazon/ETHMEAS

If you care about the temperature at which you drink your wine, then this is the ideal gadget for you. You just have to attach this digital thermometer to the outside of your bottle. It will then read the temperature of the wine inside. This cool gadget also includes information on the ideal temperatures to serve different varieties of wine.The temperature will appear in about 2 seconds after you put the thermometer on the bottle. It will also update automatically every 10 seconds. It’s very easy to read because it has a large LCD display. It helps to save energy if you remove the thermometer from the wine bottle after you finish reading. The thermometer will then shut down automatically.

Available Here: ETHMEAS 

Electric Wine Opener

Unique Wine Gifts All Wine Lovers Would Want to HaveSource: Amazon/Chefman

All you have to is push the button, and this electric corkscrew would automatically take out and let go of the wine cork. You don’t even have to spend any effort. It is rechargeable and can open more than 40 bottles of wine. It works with 4 AA rechargeable batteries or 4 AA common batteries. It is made from stainless steel. It also comes with a foil cutter to remove the seals. After you easily remove the cork and the seal, you can get back to your party and keep on enjoying yourself!

Available Here: Chefman 

Pocket Aerator

Unique Wine Gifts All Wine Lovers Would Want to HaveSource: Amazon/Cork Pops

You just have to push a button and this aerator introduces oxygen into your wine in as little as 15 seconds. It's designed to enhance the flavor and finish of any red or white wine or port. It would make your $10 bottle of wine taste like a $30 bottle by speedily introducing oxygen. You can see the results very quickly with this aerator and its small size would allow you to carry it in your pocket or purse. You could take this device with you if you go to a restaurant, bar, picnic or party and it would make you the most popular guest at any event! Aerating also replicates the aging of a bottle so you can also use this device to test the aging potential of your most loved bottle of wine.

Available Here: Cork Pops 


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