Unique Bathroom Accessories Which Make This Room a Fun Space

Unique Bathroom Accessories Which Make This Room a Fun Space

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The bathroom is actually one of the most useful and important rooms in the whole house. Yet it is quite underrated, with most people not bothering to spend a lot of time trying to decorate their bathroom in a nice way. These unique bathroom accessories will help you bring your own personality into the bathroom.

You may think having the toilet and the bathtub is enough but there is actually potential for tons of wonderful accessories for your bathroom. These unique bathroom accessories will make the whole space more comfortable and convenient, and definitely more interesting for you and your guests.

These creative shower gadgets and unique bathroom accessories can help turn your bathroom from quite a boring and functional place to a party room, all  with a hygiene theme. From waterproof music and a wine glass holder, to humorous toilet products, these cool and unique bathroom accessories will let you have fun as well as relax and chill out whenever you enter the bathroom.

In contrast to the average list of toilet cleaning brushes or towel racks as necessary items, these clever and unique bathroom accessories will transform the whole look, feel, and smell of your bathroom. They are also affordable and you can do the whole re-decoration from the comfort of your chair and computer. With this list of creative and unique bathroom accessories, you could become that person blasting music and enjoying a glass of wine every time you take a bath.

Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

Unique Bathroom Accessories Which Make This Room a Fun Space

Source: Amazon/Diateklity

It is never too comfortable getting up in the middle of the night and making it to the bathroom. You are half asleep, thinking about what you have been dreaming of, and the bright lights burn your eyes as well. This toilet night light is motion-activated and illuminates the toilet bowl with eight lively colors when you walk in the bathroom. It activates instantly when you get within 10 feet of it. When you walk out of its sensing range, it will go out in 110 seconds. It’s water-resistant and is easy to clean. It has a flexible arm with a 180°bending angle. It can fit in any kind of toilet bowl and will stay in place. With this item, you can pee comfortably and in style without hurting your eyes!

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Toilet Golf

Unique Bathroom Accessories Which Make This Room a Fun Space

Source: Amazon/Barwench

This hilarious mini golf game for your bathroom will let you practice your golf skills every time you go to the toilet.  The green mat fits around the toilet. The set also includes the knee-length club, 2 golf balls, flagpole and putter. It is simple, easy and quick to set up. This toilet golf set will add excitement to your bathroom. It is also a perfect gift for any golf lover. This mini set will make any golfer laugh and is a great addition to any bathroom.

Available on Amazon: Barwench 

AquaAudio Shower Speaker

Unique Bathroom Accessories Which Make This Room a Fun Space

Source: Amazon/Gideon

This shower speaker is entirely waterproof and comes with a reliable suction cup. You can control your songs and volume from inside the shower. It also syncs up to your smart phone. It has over ten hours of battery life. It’s got a built-in microphone. You can click the ‘Answer call’ button on the speaker and talk directly through the microphone. It has a very clear sound and the most recent sound optimizer technology. This fun item will really let you enjoy your music in the bathroom at the utmost quality.

Available on Amazon: Gideon 

Hands-free Blow Dryer Mount

Unique Bathroom Accessories Which Make This Room a Fun Space

Source: Amazon/Bestie Brands

It may take a long time to blow dry your hair, especially if you have long hair. It can become a burden holding the blow dryer and you may end up getting shoulder cramps. This blow dryer mount lets you attach your blow dryer to any surface, so that you can style your hair with two hands. It makes blow drying easy and convenient for you, without any aches and pains. It has a sturdy suction cup and a neck which rotates 360 degrees for any angle you need. It is lightweight and portable, so you can take it on any of your travels with you. This blow dryer mount will let you achieve a satisfactory hairstyle without any pain!

Available on Amazon: Bestie Brands Hands Free Hair Dryer Holder

Wine Glass Holder

Unique Bathroom Accessories Which Make This Room a Fun Space

Source: Amazon/House Ur Home

The bathroom is much more than taking care of your needs. It is a place to relax and get rid of the stress and tiredness of the day or the week? Who doesn’t love a hot, long bath on Sundays? This wine glass holder will let you comfortably enjoy your glass of wine in the bath while listening to your favorite music. Or you can have a glass of beer while taking a shower. It is strong and dishwasher safe, making things even more convenient for you. The suction cups are sturdy, making sure there will be no spill while you take your bath or shower. It has a new and sleek design and is ideal as a gift as well.

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Shower Idea Whiteboard

Unique Bathroom Accessories Which Make This Room a Fun Space

Source: Amazon/Eureka

Some of us like to sing in the shower and some of us like to think and meditate. People have some of the best ideas while in the shower but most of us forget them once we get out. You can now write your ideas on this waterproof notepad and put them to use the minute you get out. You can even use it to organize your day, prepare your supermarket shopping list or leave love notes to your boyfriend or girlfriend. You don’t have to drill it in, it has 2 sturdy suction cups which will secure it on the shower wall. It also comes equipped with 50 removable notepad sheets, a special oil pencil and a microfiber towel eraser. It is convenient and practical. And it sure is a fun way to add some excitement to your shower experience!

Available on Amazon: Eureka 

Squatty Potty

Unique Bathroom Accessories Which Make This Room a Fun Space

Source: Amazon/Squatty Potty

This item is designed to take the pressure off your colon while you are playing angry birds. The foot lift and the slightly sloped surface allow you to lean forward, helping you keep the natural squatting position. This is good for your colon health, reducing constipation, getting better bowel movements and getting rid of your load easier. It is strong and durable and family-friendly. Its creative and detachable design allows you to save space. It is also stackable and easy to carry. You may think you are either too old to have this or too young but it is actually doctor-recommended and good for your bowel movements in the long run. The body adjusts to it after a while and using this stool becomes second nature.

Available on Amazon: Squatty Potty Ghost Acrylic Toilet Stool

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