Unique and Innovative Music Lyric Speaker

Unique and Innovative Music Lyric Speaker

This award winning, unique and innovative music lyric speaker is really cool. It is a music device that is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who loves new and interesting technology. This speaker really brings music to life because as songs play it displays the lyrics. It is easy to use because all you need is your smartphone and wifi connectivity. The lyrics are displayed in sync with the music. Because every song is different the way that the lyrics are displayed changes depending on the song being played. Play a ballad and the lyrics will move gently. Play a dance track and they will move quickly in time with the beat. It is not just the movement of the lyrics that does change. The font also changes depending on the track being played.

You will love using this speaker because it is not like any other speaker. As well as the cool lyric function this speaker also delivers high quality, panoramic sound. This is a fabulous gift idea for any person that loves music and cool cutting edge gadgets.

The speaker measures 20 inches by 6 inches by 14 inches. You can display your lyrics in English or in Japanese depending on your preference.

Unique and Innovative Music Lyric Speaker

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