JAG Eight: An Octagonal Table To Ensure You Have The Ultimate Family BBQ

JAG Eight: An Octagonal Table To Ensure You Have The Ultimate Family BBQ

Barbeque with friends and family is a rendezvous that promises fun and merry-making. However, you could easily miss out on all of that frolicking if you're half busy manning the BBQ to cook food for everyone. What if you've got a solution that allows everyone attending the party to cook their own food so you can easily be a part of the chat? 

Barbequing is a slow process in itself, and it could literally end up consuming the quality time you deserve to have with your peeps.

Introducing the JAG Eight, an octagon-shaped barbecue table that allows up to eight people to BBQ their own quesadillas or potato wedges at their own pace. This, in turn, will help you be there and enjoy quality time with your family or friends. 

The concept of this table was conceived by Gert Coetzer, a South African who came to the United States and wished to slow down the fast-paced American lives. The three letters in 'JAG' are derived from the names of his family members. J for Jolene (daughter), A for Amanda (wife), and G for Gert. 

The JAG grill takes BBQing to a whole new level. Everyone can cook their favorites without having to compete for space. It is designed to provide an outdoor dining experience like no other. The assembly consists of a grill, fire pit, and eight tables. 

3-in-1_grillSource: JAG Grills/Amazon 

Moving to the specifics, each person has their own grill area in front of the table. Also, there's a community grilling dome elevated in the middle above the individual grill areas. The 8-sided grill table measures 7 feet wide x 3 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 350 lbs. 

The JAG Eight table is heated using coals. All you need to do is remove the grill plates and scatter the heated coal pieces at the bottom. The table also has a little handle for every individual cooking station to help remove the grill plates and add coal pieces at the bottom.

JAG Eight: An Octagonal Table To Ensure You Have The Ultimate Family BBQ

Source: JAG Grills/Amazon 

The fire pit in the center is covered by a dome. The dome can be removed easily so that the fire can be tended.

The JAG Eight table has racks made of stainless steel, a side door for cleaning the grill area, and adjustable legs so you can quickly and easily set up the table on any kind of surface. 

The table areas are removable, allowing you to clean the grilling area easily and efficiently. You can also remove them and convert the BBQ table into an open fire pit. The wooden table surfaces can also be removed for anyone who would prefer to stand while cooking. 

The JAG Eight is a portable table since you have to set it up by assembling different parts. A great choice to take it with you to a nearby spot for a picnic.

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