Trend Alert Popular Rustic Log Lamps

Trend Alert Popular Rustic Log Lamps

These popular rustic log lamps are trending right now and there are some truly amazing ones available. Home and office decor in a rustic style is popular because it looks great in both modern and older homes. Some of these lamps feature a very country style design and others are much more modern looking.

These lamps are a great addition to an industrial styled room because the natural woods and modern forms are what this style is all about.

Lamps are a perfect gift idea because they are cool and useful. Give as a housewarming gift, a wedding gift or for any other occasion.

Choosing the right lighting is important because it can really change the atmosphere of a room. Soft ambient lighting is perfect for living areas because it creates a warm and relaxing vibe. You will find that brighter lighting can work best in an office because you may become sleepy in an area that is not brightly lit.

Popular Rustic Log Lamps - Hollow Log Desk Light

rustic log lamp

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This lamp is made from a real piece of log that is hollow in the centre. Because each lamp is individually hand made each one is different. The differences are because of variations in the wood that is used. A variety of sizes are available. The centre of the log slice has been hollowed out and LED lights have been installed. A very unique item that functions really well and provides great illumination. It is an electric lamp that you can simply plug in the same way that you would with any standard lamp.

Popular Rustic Log Lamps - Aspen Log Lamp

log lamp

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A modern rustic farmhouse style lamp that features a log base. The shade is made from metal and this electric lamp is sure to add some industrial style atmosphere to any room.

Popular Rustic Log Lamps - Aspen Log Lamp

cherry wood lamp

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A handmade lamp featuring a cherry wood log piece. This lamp is simply designed which is perfect if you are aiming for a casual rustic vibe. It is designed for nightstands or desks because it is just the right size measuring 15 cms high and approximately 13 cms in diameter.

Popular Rustic Log Lamps - Mahogany Side Lamp

mahogany lamp

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A decorative lamp with a base that is made of a slice of mahogany wood. Two of these would make lovely bedside lamps or one on it's own is a perfect size for a table or desk lamp. You will love the way that this lamp lights up any room. A pair of these would make perfect bedside lamps. Another good spot for this lamp is in the office.

Popular Rustic Log Lamps - Contemporary Log Lamp

split log lamp

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You will love this lamp if you love rustic decor because it is beautifully designed. Another great thing about this on is that it does not provide harsh lighting.  The narrow openings in the wood allow soft subtle mood lighting. It is unique because each lamp is individually hand made by the designer. If you have a dark corner that needs some ambience this is the perfect choice because it provides soft subtle light.

Popular Rustic Log Lamps - LED Log Light

log lamp

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This lamp is gorgeous because it is inspired by traditional electric lamps. The rustic log has LED light inside it and to operate you simply plug in as you would with a standard lamp. It is a handmade unique item that is sure to attract attention.

Popular Rustic Log Lamps - Sleek Rustic Desk Lamp

industrial modern lamp

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You will like the sleek lines of this log lamp if you have a preference for modern decor. It features a rustic appeal that is more modern because of the smooth sleek design. Perfect for any rustic, modern or industrial decor.

Popular Rustic Log Lamps - Birds Nest Log Lamp

birds nest lamp

image source             Available via Etsy

This is another beautiful handmade log lamp that is perfect for adding some rustic detail. You will love that it is a handmade item because it is very unique. The lamp provides a gentle glow from the installed LED lights which is perfect for adding a soft ambient glow to any area. A made to order item that you are sure to love.

Popular Rustic Log Lamps - Industrial Cage Lamp

industrial cage lamp

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This lamp is a great choice for any industrial or rustic area. In addition to the log it features an industrial style metal cage. It would be a great choice for a farmhouse or an apartment that features unique and cool items. A lamp in this style can make any place seem like home.

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