Traditional Style Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Traditional Style Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

This traditional style black forest cuckoo clock is sure to impress because it is so beautiful. You will love the movement and the sound as well as the craftsmanship of this piece. It features many moving components and twelve different melodies. Every hour a different melody will play. The moving components include a mill wheel and dancers. If you are looking for a clock that will really stand out then this one is worth considering.

Everyone in your household will adore the way that this clock add so much charm to the atmosphere. Children and adults are sure to enjoy the magic.

This is a beautiful clock to give as a wedding gift because it is a premium item that is unique and collectable. It's charm is sure to last through the years and captivate all who see it. The clock features precision quartz movement and is sure to be featured in a prime position in the home.

This clock is made in the Black Forest which is a place well known for making clocks such as this. No one knows exactly where the concept of the cuckoo clock was invented but much of their development took place in Germany's Black Forest. This area has been making and exporting premium cuckoo clocks since the mid 1850s.

Traditional Style Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Traditional Style Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

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