Cool Harry Potter UNO Card Game By Mattel

Cool Harry Potter UNO Card Game By Mattel
Harry Potter UNO Cards


This cool Harry Potter UNO card game by Mattel is a perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan.

Harry Potter UNO cards
Source: Amazon/Mattel

The game may not look the same as classic UNO but the gameplay is similar. 

Harry Potter card set
Source: Amazon/Mattel

There is a special rule that has been introduced. 

In the deck, there is a sorting hat card. When a player draws this card they can force another player to draw cards.

UNO is a fast-paced game that is a lot of fun for people of all ages. 

harry potter gift
Source: Amazon/Mattel

The cards feature images of all your favorite Harry Potter characters such as Hermoine, Ron, and Harry.

Harry Potter UNO card set
Source: Amazon/Mattel

There are 112 cards in the deck and gameplay instructions are included.

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