Top Ten Cool Things You Can Make With Paper Clips To Fritter Away Time

Top Ten Cool Things You Can Make With Paper Clips To Fritter Away Time

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Killing boredom is an altitudinous task unless you have the right hobbies to combat it and pass your leisure time. If you love making fun crafts, paper clip art is the perfect way to do that. You can make literally umpteen things with a bunch of paper clips and use them as gifts or showpieces at your home. 

The ultimate satisfaction of creating something on your own is beyond words, and making objects out of paper clips will definitely let you enjoy that feeling. On that note, here are ten cool things you can produce if you have enough paper clips at your disposal. 

1. DIY Force Probe 

Not many people may possess force probes, and if you're one of them, you can make one with a rubber band, a few straws, and paper clips. The central idea is to measure the force by using a rubber band. If you're a physics geek, you definitely gotta try this out!

2. Make Miniature Coat Hangers

Now, there's no way you can actually hang your coats on this hanger, but making these adorable little pieces will definitely help you kill the boring time any day. All you need is a hanger and metal shears to make hangers like the ones shown in the image.

Want to make this paper clip art yourself? Watch this simple video above to understand the short process of making a paper clip miniature coat hangers. 

3. Create Musical Instruments

It'd be hard to imagine making musical instruments out of a bunch of paper clips, but it's not impossible to actually make it. These paperclip musical instruments are the perfect tokens of your love for all your music lovers and audiophile friends. 

4. Paper Clip Angle

These paper clip angles can be made out of just three things: a butterfly paperclip 1.5 inches in size, a piece of ribbon, and a 12 mm round pearl bead. It's a great gift for your teachers, friends, or family that showcases your love and affection towards them. You can follow these instructions to make one all by yourself.

5. Build A Bridge With Paper Clips And Straws 

This cute little bridge can be your escapade from a boring workday at the office, provided you have enough paper clips and straws to build it. Oh, and you also need to have paper and two large wooden blocks to get this paper clip art done. 

6. Paper Clip Snub Dodecahedron

Top Ten Cool Things You Can Make With Paper Clips To Fritter Away TimeSource: Zachary Abel

You couldn't have imagined such a massive orb can be made out of those tiny clips. But hey, the Snub Dodecahedron isn't a simple thing to make.

It requires 120 clips, and the interesting fact is all of them are supporting each other without glue or soldering. If this triggers the Michaelangelo inside you, start making this Doecahedron right away! 

7. Make a Swirly Paper Clip Bracelet 

Swirly paper-clip braceletsSource: Instructables

Many of us buy bracelets online, but why not try making one yourself? And, if that paper clip art turns out to be as charming as shown in the image above, the whole effort's worth it!

To make this swirly bracelet, all you need is a bunch of paper clips, needle nose pliers or looping pliers, a clasp, and jump rings. Moving further, you can follow these instructions to understand how to make this bracelet. 

8. Cute Crochet Ice Skates 

These adorable paper crochet paperclips can be used as ornaments or coatpins. You can create them all by yourself using a 20-yard DK weight yarn, a size F crochet hook, and two 2-inch paper clips. 

The video above can be your manual to help you create these beautiful pairs of crochets in your leisure time. 

9. Adorable DIY  Bicycle Paper Clips 

Aren't these paper-clip bicycles the cutest? They could easily be conversation starters no matter wherever you take them because let's agree on this, they're a fine piece of art! You can make these bicycles all by yourself using flat and round pliers as shown in this video below.

If you're not a DIY art fan, you can still get fifty of these beautiful pieces from Shoppingmoon to attract your fellow colleagues or friends. True, buying is a great way, but try making this paper clip art; the satisfaction is beyond words when you create this thing all by yourself!

10. Heart-shaped Page Markers

This one is for all the avid book readers out there. If you love devouring page after page and have trouble remembering the point you reached in your last reading session, these heart-shaped page markers will easily help you reach the point you left off.

They're pretty simple to make; all you need to do is watch the video above and follow the steps. These heart-shaped markers can also serve as cute little gifts for Valentine's Day. 

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