Top Ten Cool Things To Make With Paper Clips

Top Ten Cool Things To Make With Paper Clips

Bored in the office? Here are the Top Ten Cool Things To Make With Paper Clips. A great way to kill boredom and show off your creative skills!

1. DIY Force Probe 


2. Make Miniature Coat Hangers

papeImage via Kikki-k

3. Create Musical Instruments

 music-paper-clipsImage via thisisnottrue

4. Design Your Own Range Of Paper Clip Jewelry  

Katie Hiller Paper clip pendants Adorn London jewellery blogImage  via Adorn London 

5. Build A Bridge from paper clips and straws 

Engineering a BridgeImage via deceptivelyeducational

6. Create A Stunning Sculpture 

snubpaperclip-obliqueSculpture By Zachary Abel

7. Make a Swirly Paper Clip Bracelet 

swirlyImage via Instructables

8. Cute Ice Skate Decorations 

papppImage via Krokotak

9. Adorable DIY  Bicycle Paper Clips 

Top Ten Cool Things To Make With Paper ClipsImage via Imgarcade

10.  Play With Them And Create Your Own Artwork! 

SHAPED_PAPER_CLIPSImage via Imgarcade

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