Top 7 wireless microphone systems to buy in 2022

Top 7 wireless microphone systems to buy in 2022

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A wireless microphone system is a set of microphones connected to a receiver. The receiver can be either in the form of a transmitter or a microphone with an attached transmitter. A wireless microphone system has many benefits over wired mics, including versatility and mobility.

A wireless microphone system is a great investment for those who want to make their voice heard. It will allow you to speak without the need for cables and wires. The key factors that you should consider when buying a wireless microphone system are the sound quality, battery life, range, and compatibility with other devices.

Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best wireless microphone systems you can buy to get a sonorous sound. 

1. Phenyx Pro Wireless Microphone System

Mic with a receiverSource: Phenyx Pro/Amazon

The PTU71A model of the Phenyx Pro microphone system line allows users to select any of the two given frequencies across different channels. The PLL frequency provides synthesized technology that enables hassle-free transmission. The system has a wireless operational range between 290ft (88.39 m) to 328ft (100m).

A notable feature of this wireless microphone system is the auto scan ability and anti-interference ability. The auto-scan function searches for the least interference channel that can pair with transmitters. Additionally, the lock function locks the selected frequency. The antennas play a major role in interference ability to decrease the interference between channels.

2. Guedholo Wireless Microphone System 

two mics with a receiverSource: Guedholo/Amazon

If you're scouring for a wireless microphone that can be used on multiple occasions without hassle, the Guedholo system should be one of the first choices to consider. There are 20 selectable frequencies; 5 sets of these frequencies can be used simultaneously. 

With this microphone system, all you need to do is just turn on the receiver and the mic and you're ready to go. This system has a working range of 150ft in an open area and provides a clean and pure sound quality. The metal build quality stands a testament to its long-lasting durability.

Karaoke nights, weddings, DJs, and family gatherings; this wireless microphone system works across a breadth of occasions.

3. Sennheiser Wireless Microphone System

Two mics with a receiverSource: Senheiser/Amazon

If the great sound is your utmost priority, the Sennheiser wireless microphone system deserves the best attention you can give. The design is sleek and shiny, giving the users a premium feel. Moreover, there are two transmitters that use the 835 cardio capsules resulting in a warm and smooth sound.

Also, there's the one-button scanning system and synchronization feature that's present in the streamlined receiver and built-in antennas. If you're a presenter, singer, or instrumentalist, this system is a must to have an immersive audio experience.

4. TONOR Wireless Microphone System

Two mics with a receiverSource: Tonor/Amazon

Microphone systems need to be easy to use and the setup needs to be a cinch as well. The Tonor wireless microphone system has all these ingredients, which make it a strong contender on this list. To top it all off, it's a pretty cost-effective product for which you needn't loosen your purse string.

The working distance of the Tonor wireless microphone system is about 200ft (60m) in a wide area, which gives you great freedom of movement coupled with clear and crisp sound. It's a perfect system for karaoke singing, church choirs, private gatherings, and much more.

5. Phenyx Pro UHF PTU-52 Wireless System

Two mics with a receiverSource: Phenyx Pro/Amazon

Simple setup, intuitive interface, and a mindblowing audio experience are the simple adjectives that define the PTU-52 wireless system. The microphones can easily capture and transmit sound without feedback. Also, you can choose one out of 30 frequencies as per your preferences.

The PTU-52 wireless microphone system is ideal for conference meetings, church prayers, singing nights, and many other events. It has a 200ft (60m) operational range in a wide space. 

6. MicrocKing Wireless Microphone System

Eight mics with a receiverSource: MicrocKing/Amazon

The Microcking wireless microphone system has presets that allow you to choose frequencies easily using the plug-and-play system. It offers crisp and clear sound with almost minimal dropouts within the operating range.

The battery indicator will notify you when you're low on power; each transmitter has a battery life of eight hours. The rugged metal construction of the microphone system ensures you can use it for a long time. Weddings, churches, DJs, gatherings; there's a large breadth of events across which you can use this wireless microphone system.

7. Innopow 4-Channel Wireless Microphone System

Mics with a receiverSource: Innowpow/Amazon

The Innopow microphone system has four different wireless microphones; you can access individual voice control for every microphone. The body of the entire system is pretty sleek and sturdy, not to mention the praiseworthy aesthetics that also guarantee long-term use.

Furthermore, the battery of this microphone system lasts up to 17 hours, which is quite an impressive feat considering the price at which this system is available. It's a great choice for karaoke nights, conferences, family gatherings, and more.

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