Top 5 Moustache Products

The beard and moustache culture is running rampant these days, with more men than ever choosing to grow out their facial hair. With so many men sporting facial topiary, these men are left with a need for top quality, specialised male grooming products to keep their facial hair in top-notch condition and perfectly groomed. Luckily for bearded men everywhere Henry TIbbs provides an exceptional range of hair care and grooming products that will keep any man’s facial hair tamed and in good condition. Take a look at the top 5 moustache products to help keep your moustache maintained and desirable, all conveniently available on the Henry Tibbs website.

1. Bounder Extra Firm Moustache Wax

moustache wax
Bounder extra firm moustache wax is available for purchase in both single tins as well as triple packs, for the man who takes his moustache grooming seriously, or need to accommodate a lot of whiskers. This high quality moustache is handmade in London, with the best quality, natural ingredients such as fine Caribbean rum, British beeswax and vanilla extract. This wax offers men total control over their moustache, with long lasting stay power, allowing one to groom their whiskers into needle sharp points if desired that will last all day long.

2. Captain Fawcett and Ricki Hall’s Moustache Wax

moustache wax baccy
Booze and Baccy moustache wax from Captain Fawcett and Ricky Hall is amongst the most popular products available from Henry Tibbs. This wax features a complex blend of essential oils and beeswax, carefully concocted to create a luxurious blend of woody oak moss, fresh tobacco leaves, frankincense, benzoin, sweet bog myrtle and other delectable ingredients to create a wonderfully aromatic wax that is also ideal for fine tuning an unruly moustache, and makes an excellent component to a man’s shaving ritual.

3. Captain Fawcett’s Folding Pocket Moustache Comb with Leather Case

moustache comb
Grooming products alone are not enough to tame a man’s facial hair - quality tools are also necessary. Captain Fawcett’s folding moustache comb makes a fine addition to any man’s grooming arsenal, and the genuine leather case offers a convenient and hygienic way to store and travel with your comb. Captain Fawcett’s folding pocket moustache comb is beautifully crafted, featuring fine teeth to artfully style any tache, along with its exquisitely handcrafted leather case made from natural vegetable dyed hide, making an essential grooming tool feel like a luxury item.

4. Mr Natty Moustache Twizzle Wax

moustache twizzle wax
Your moustache is the first thing people see on you, so good grooming and styling of it is essential, hence the wide variety of products available from retailers such as Henry TIbbs.
Mr Natty moustache twizzle wax is another high quality option for men's grooming, featuring a formula robust enough to handle any climate, boasting a firmer texture than most to ensure your tache stays dapper, regardless of circumstance.
Mr Natty moustache twizzle wax is made with all natural ingredients such as olive oil, lavender oil and beeswax, that are all part of this concentrated natural formula to allow moustache styling without damaging those lip hairs.
5. Porosa Moustache Wax

moustache wax2
Porosa moustache wax provides long lasting hold regardless of style, suitable for any moustache from natural to a well crafted handlebar, while stiff offering a soft and pliable wax that any man will enjoy using. This superior moustache wax is formulated from Shea butter and beeswax, requiring only a dime size dollop of this luxurious, creamy wax for a full style, and goes on incredibly easily and dries quickly and clearly providing a non invasive, long lasting hold, making it an excellent addition to any man's grooming routine.

As the weather grows cooler, more men may take on the trend for well-manicured facial hair, so why not try a mustache revival with one or more of the great products above.


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