Top 10 Posts Week Two May 2014

Here is a list of the most popular stuff posted here at this week. A very interesting mix of topics.                    Top 10 Posts Week Two May 2014

1.  The number one post this week is about the Abandoned Luxury Cars in Dubai. Thousands of abandoned cars including a Ferrari Enzo.alux

2.  The second most popular post this weeks is a list of 10 DIY Pizza Ovens. A great collection that includes designs to suit every budget and links to pizza2k

3.  The Ultimate Family BBQ is a brand new concept that allows everyone to cook their own food. A very cool invention that is making waves. shared grill

4.  A collection of 10 Cool Multi Tools that are innovative and useful. Tools for camping, bicycle repair, guitar players and more.  b tool

5. An amazing gravity defying bicycle stunt, worth checking out.Gravity Defying Bicycle Stunt

6. The Hovenring Suspended Bicycle roundabout, a world first.hovenring n

7. More cool DIY stuff in the form of amazing cupcake recipes and ideas.Creative-High-Heel-Cupcakes

8. This is one of my favorite posts here at it is a collection of some of the most awesome DIY recycling projects ever. You will be amazed at what you can create using things you might normally throw away. phonedk

9. A countdown of the worlds deadliest animals.image

10. The amazing story of a Romanian man who arrived in America with $26 and is now worth millions.

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