Three-Player Chess: The Perfect Battleground to Grind Your Mind

Three-Player Chess: The Perfect Battleground to Grind Your Mind

The chequered board with those thirty-two chess pieces needs no introduction, but what if we increase the pieces to forty-eight?

Enter, the Three Person Chess 

Flabbergasted? Bewildered? Surprised? Chess is a traditional two-player game, when did they start including a third? Wait till you get into the deets of how this game functions.

In contrast to a traditional square chequered board, the Three Person Chess board has a round shape. Though it has forty-eight chess pieces; the categories of the pieces remain the same. There’s a significant change in the way the game is played, given the addition of an extra player and a circular chessboard. 

Circular chess board with pieces
Source: 3 Man Chess/Amazon

The ultimate aim is to take out the kings of the opponents - the same old ‘survival of the fittest’ dictum to abide by. 

This video explains in-depth the rules of playing Three Person Chess. It may be a tough job to memorize all the rules, but once you get into the groove, you’ll literally spend hours building plots, executing ploys, and strategizing moves to beat your adversaries. 

The Undeniable Benefits 

Three-Player Chess: The Perfect Battleground to Grind Your Mind
Source: 3 Man Chess

Be it traditional or three-man, people who love playing chess know that it’s more than just a good pastime. Here are some of the proven benefits you should know before taking command of your army. 

  1. Chess enhances your rational thinking ability and builds confidence.
  2. Medical studies have proven that playing Chess reduces the risk of brain diseases like Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia.
  3. Chess increases dendrites, the tree branches in your brain, thus improving cognitive function. 
  4. According to studies conducted over the past thirty years, Chess plays a major role in increasing IQ levels.
  5. It improves memory function, concentration, and problem-solving skills.
  6. Chess helps you develop strategic planning skills.
  7. Last but not least, it perks up your ability to think under pressure. 

The Three Person Chess is 0.11 inch- (3 mm) thick, measures 18 inches (48 cm) in diameter, and weighs 12 ounces (340 grams). The chessboard is made of PVC plastic. 

Furthermore, there are 48 Staunton-styled chess pieces, made of solid plastic. The three available colors of the chess pieces are black, ivory, and gray. 

A Few Experiences...

We've been playing a lot of board games since we've been quarantined. My 12-year-old special needs kid is really enjoying the three-man chess! Once you get the hang of the diagonal moves which can be incredibly fun the rest of the game is just like chess. Fun, challenging, interesting, and not nearly as confusing as it looks I would definitely recommend this game for anyone who likes to play chess! - Lila York via Amazon

This is a fun and enjoyable game. It takes a few minutes to learn the intricacies of the circular board, but it's very quick to learn. Having a third player introduces an entirely new dynamic, as does the hidden threats of the circular board. The tactics are subtly different. - JJ Clayborn via Amazon

Purchased for my brother...he is a huge chess fan. This is the game of the month around the house. - Sabrina Breeden via Amazon

Winning the traditional two-man chess game is in itself a long haul. Add another competitor and it makes the game exciting and engaging, but your chances of winning become weaker.

Unless you channelize the shrewd Ulysses inside you, play dirty tricks against your friends, and fool your enemies, there’s no chance of survival. When it comes to a Three Person Chess war, treachery is the greatest virtue and loyalty the greatest chink in one’s armor. 

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