This Convenient Bionic Grip Works as an All in One Tool

This Convenient Bionic Grip Works as an All in One Tool

The famous American company, Loggerhead Tools offers you an 8-inch Bionic Grip which has also won the 2005 Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award as it combines the adaptability of their previous invention The Bionic Wrench with an open head and internal locking mechanism.

The Bionic Grip offers a patented and life long warranted design to its user. The tool can reach places that are hard to reach with a Wrench as a result of its open headed design.

This Convenient Bionic Grip Works as an All in One Tool
Source: Amazon/Loggerhead Tools

The versatile tool combines the adjustable wrenches with pliers we already know. The Patented Bionic Gripping™ technology combined with the Interlock™ mechanism also works on a wide size range, multiple sized nuts, and bolts.

Automatically adjusting to fit 13 sizes of fasteners, The Bionic Grip also adjusts to fit pipes and tubes between 1/2-inches to 13/16-inches.

Performing as an all in one tool, the open headed design can also work with pipes and tubes, unlike the original Bionic Wrench. The handy design makes it easy to store, The Bionic Grip is only 4-by-1-by-8-inches and weighs around 12.8-ounces.

Available at Amazon/Loggerhead Tools

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