The Upside Down Church

The Upside Down Church is located in Canada and it has certainly been a controversial work of art. This sculpture was designed by Dennis Oppenheim and it was originally called 'Device to Root out Evil.' The Upside Down Churchvia

It was first shown to the public during the Vancouver Biennale art fair in the year 1997. Reviews of the sculpture have been mixed from the very beginning. Some people have labelled the sculpture a blasphemy and others think it is just ugly! upside down churchvia

One thing that most people agree on is that it most certainly attracts attention. upside down church canadavia

The church stood in Calgary for about five years but was removed in 2013 when the lease of the site where it stood ran out. The statue stood 22 feet tall and it's absence will be noticeable. Whether or not residents are glad to see it gone most likely depends on who you ask!

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