The Future of Illumination

The Future of Illumination

For LED downlights in Australia, a variety of options are available. LED technology is a burgeoning thing, in that it is just now beginning to compete and slowly but surely phase out a conventional filament or fluorescent lighting.  The reason it's phasing these regular options out is that LED lights can actually provide the same level of illumination with only a fraction of the energy. But since it is also a newer technology, there are a variety of options available which may not be the best. So, if you're looking for LED lighting solutions, especially LED downlights in Australia, there are a number of things to take into consideration.

First and foremost, is the company providing LED downlights in Australia owned and operated by Australians?  Since the technology is new, many options come from providers that aren't based in the country.  This introduces a family of costs and procedures which can oftentimes be inconvenient for locals.  Look for a solution that is locally operated, as this will most of the time fit your needs better.

Next: Are the products provided certified by the proper quality control agencies?  Again, with newer technologies, options surface which aren't always vetted for the public.  Sometimes, these can even be more expensive options, depending on the individual from whom you're purchasing.  The credential to look for is the RCM Mark of Australia, as this demonstrates compliance to the EESS portion of ERAC.  ERAC specifically requires the RCM, as well as the Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) qualification AS/NZS CISPR15.  LED products are specifically put through the rigors of testing in order to ensure safety in operation, otherwise, the RCM Mark is not applied.  Reliable LED providers will naturally accede to these requirements.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is selection.  There are more than just LED downlights in Australia for purchase.  There are strip-lighting options, shopfitting lights, floodlights, swimming pool lights, fixture lamps, spotlights, candle bulbs, and light bulbs, as well as a bevy of other lighting solutions from the LED sector.  The more products a purveyor of LED technology has available, the bigger their clientele.  The bigger their clientele, the more reasonably they can afford to price their offerings.  It requires momentum of a financial nature to maintain a company of any stripe.  So what you're looking for is a well-stocked Australian-owned and operated LED provider that has all the proper stamps of approval and safety.

Another thing to look for is regular specials.  If the seller of LED downlights in Australia has local ownership, accreditation, and selection, then they should be able to provide regular discounts and specials to their clientele.  This is another indicator that their business has a good track record, as without solid operating procedures, they would be unable to sell items at any discount.

LED lighting will already save you money, though.  Because it is a lower energy solution which provides the same level of illumination, the energy bill is cut down at least threefold.  The potential to save can be in the thousands, depending on just what kind of operation you're running.  If, for example, you're changing the lights on the office floor of a building that costs four thousand a month to energize, expect to save about one-third of those thousand dollar bills.  Many LED savings calculators have a differential of 10 to 1; that means you save 90% of the energy.  Of course, there are other factors to consider as well.

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