The Best Kitchen Design Trends 2018

The Best Kitchen Design Trends 2018

Modern kitchen design trends of 2018  are clean, fresh and interesting with personal creative touches. Kitchen design trends that are popular so far in 2018 feature functional layouts and lighting that is either natural or warm. Concealed lighting is being used to add vibrance under counter tops and elsewhere.  Timber and metallics are currently popular and so are contrasting combinations of color. The look is very industrial and it is predicted that bold color choices will increase in popularity throughout the year. Pastel colors in unique shades are featured in many designs too. Interesting textures and striking personalized touches are also incorporated. It's all about unique designs with personality and flair. It may not be practical for you to redesign your whole kitchen but you can give it a new and fresh look by adding some on trend accessories that appeal to you.


Kitchen Trends 2018 - Unique Fun Pastel Colors

Pastels are a great choice for anyone who wants to add some color. If strong striking colors are not quite your style then this is the perfect choice. Pastels look great used sparingly to highlight certain areas or used as a base color instead of plain whites and neutrals. If overly dramatic contrast is not what you want then you can keep most of your kitchen neutral and just add touches of your favorite pastel. For a more striking look team two pastels together or use a pale color against a backdrop of black.

kitchen design trends 2018 pastel

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Kitchen Design Trends 2018 - Natural Lighting

Fresh natural lighting from large windows or glass doors is something favored by kitchen designers in 2018. If you have a kitchen with lovely views to a private backyard then take down those curtains and let the light in. This is not practical for everyone of course but even if your kitchen has minimal windows you can still add some freshness. Adding mirrors to room with only a few small windows can really open up your space. Try to put them where they will reflect any windows that you do have. You could also add some fresh potted herbs to your kitchen to give it a fresh and natural feeling.

natural lighting

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Kitchen Design Trends 2018 - Industrial

Unpolished natural timbers and metallic accents are being used. Neutral and warm gold shades are popular. Industrial natural looking cupboard handles teamed with modern white cabinets are a clear trend with this style. Tinted bulbs that add a golden ambience to your kitchen can really add a lot to this look and change the vibe of the whole room. Gold is being used for accents such as light shades, handles, sinks and taps. Bold industrial blues and dirty greys work really well. Unpolished natural timbers can be teamed with gold or you can also add a pop of color to complete the look. Metal with patina finishes is a more neutral hued way to add some metallics to your industrial styled kitchen.

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Kitchen Design Trends of 2018 -  Statement Shelving

Kitchen shelving is not just useful for creating space. When designed well it can be a standout feature of your kitchen. Depending on the style of your kitchen you can use wooden or metal shelving. A combination of both can work wonders too in the right setting. It's not only great for storage but also a cool way to create somewhere to put personalized decorative accents. Collectable kitchenware, ornaments or other items that accent the style of your home and your kitchen.

The Best Kitchen Design Trends 2018

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Kitchen Design Trends 2018 - Texture

Layered textures are trending. This means combining glossy kitchen whites which are common with textured timber surfaces or metals. Unique combinationations of texture is one of the most standout new ideas around. This is good news if you want to remodel your existing kitchen. Many kitchens already feature a lot of glossy white as it is commonly used for cabinets and benches. Replace your benchtops or your cupboard and drawer handles with contrasting rustic wooden ones to create this effect. Choose beautiful carved handles or handles in shades of gold.

The Best Kitchen Design Trends 2018

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Kitchen Design Trends 2018 - Personality

This is all about expressing yourself through the style of your kitchen. Use your favorite colors or colors that represent your family. If you are not sure where to start when it comes to color you could research the meanings of different colors. This is a great way to choose colors that will appeal to you. Get creative and add some detail that you really love. If you have a preference for a certain type of food you could use that as your inspiration. For example you could add some cute Mexican or Italian style decorative items if you love food originating in these places. The main thing is to design a kitchen that is not only modern but is also unique to you.

mexican kitchen

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