End Burns and Scalds with Temperature-Controlled Faucet Light

End Burns and Scalds with Temperature-Controlled Faucet Light

Being a parent is no mean feat; it requires you to be alert every single minute to make sure your little one doesn't fall into any trouble. One such juncture where top-notch vigilance is necessary is when your kid is working around water taps or in the bathroom waiting to have a bath. The moment they turn on the tap, there's a severe chance your boy could end up having scalds because of hot water. 

These are common household scenes, especially with kids below the age of four. And they occur when your kid tries to quench their thirst for curiosity by exploring stuff. When it comes to water taps, though, you can ensure their explorations are safe by getting a temperature-controlled water faucet installed. 

What exactly is a Temperature-Controlled Water Faucet?

For the unaware, a temperature-controlled water faucet emits light to make sure a user can identify the temperature of the water. It has different colors of lights to signify different levels of temperature; it changes accordingly as the temperature of the water changes. 

Talking specifically about the Alovexiong temperature-controlled water faucet, it is made of ABS and requires no batteries to run.

At what temperature does the water color change?

The distinction of changing colors is pretty easy to understand. Here's how the light color changes depending on the water temperature:

  • Temperature below 32 degrees - Blue color
  • Temperature between 33 to 41 degrees - Green color
  • Temperature between 42 to 45 degrees - Red color
  • Temperature beyond 46 degrees - Flashing Red color

How to install the temperature-controlled water faucet?

The installation process is fairly simple to understand and execute. To begin with, take off the net from the screw thread. Then, install the faucet light screw thread.

The dimensions you need to know

Like every other product, the Alovexiong temperature-controlled water sensor has certain technical details to help you gauge if this is precisely the thing that you're looking for.

  • Number of pieces: 3
  • Weight: 2.39 ounces
  • Package dimensions: 6.3 x 5.71 x 2.36

Wrapping it up...

The temperature-controlled water faucet will ensure your kids avoid scalding when they turn on the tap absent-mindedly to wash their hands. Furthermore, the faucet also comes with a water conservation function that'll help reduce the wastage of water.

Third, and probably the most essential decision-making factor, it costs a dime in exchange for the safety it provides to your kids. Lastly, the colorful water is pleasing to the eyes, and will definitely be a conversation starter for your guests when they use it!

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