Taps And Faucets That Look Like Dragons

Taps And Faucets That Look Like Dragons

These taps and faucets that look like dragons are a cool way to incorporate a mythical element into your home decor. You will find that every visitor to your home comments on how interesting and unique they are. You can get dragon taps and faucets in many different styles and colors. There are designs to suit both modern and rustic styles decor. If you are a fan of this mythical creatures you will love these.

Interesting kitchen and bathroom fixtures can add a very unique style to your home. It is amazing the change that such a small item can make to the overall atmosphere of a room. If you are the type of person who prefers unique items of standard ones then you will enjoy these. Ornate fixtures such as these were once something favored by the rich. Now they are affordable for everyone but not often seen in use.

When using ornate fixtures it can be important to remember that less is more. If the decor is very busy and complicated then your cool taps may not capture as much attention as you would like. In a simple room or a room featuring neutral colors they will really stand out.

Antique Brass oil Rubbed Bronze Dragon - Taps And Faucets That Look Like Dragons

A luxury mixer tap featuring dual cross handles. You will love this beautiful vintage style if your home features a rustic look. This is a single hole deck mounted style installation.

dragon faucet

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Gold Dragon Head bathroom Sink Faucet - Taps And Faucets That Look Like Dragons

Gold taps and faucets that look like dragons such as this one suit almost any decor. This is a solid brass item with a gold finish that is very easy to install.

gold dragon tap

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White Dragon Countertop Faucet - Taps And Faucets That Look Like Dragons

This is a great choice if you have a basin style sink that is not standard. It is installed onto a countertop beside the sink. A very unique styled item in versatile white.

white dragon faucet

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Antique Black Mounted Mixer Tap - Taps And Faucets That Look Like Dragons

This dragon tap is a bronze piece with a polished antique black finish. A very modern look that is sure to compliment your bathroom.

black dragon tap

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Unique Look Bronze Mounted Dragon Tap - Taps And Faucets That Look Like Dragons

This unique faucet features a detailed design with an antique gold finish. It is as cool to use as it is to look at. A deck mounted faucet perfect for unique bathroom basins.

antique gold tap

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Artistic Luxury Beast Dragon Taps and Faucet - Taps And Faucets That Look Like Dragons

This is a set comprising taps and a faucet designed for bathtubs or sinks. It features a hot and a cold water tap as well as the decorative matching faucet. Designed to be very durable so it is tough enough to use everyday. A highly detailed design that is out of the ordinary.

dragon bath taps

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Chrome Dragon Tap With Single Handle - Taps And Faucets That Look Like Dragons

If silver detailing is your preference then this set will blend in well with your decor. Silver accents blend well with common white that is often favored for bathrooms. A deck mounted installation is required and the valve core material is ceramic.

chrome dragon taps

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Bronze With Gold Finish Dragon Tap Set - Taps And Faucets That Look Like Dragons

This is a brass set featuring an elegant gold finish and clear tap handles. A cool way to make your bathroom look a little bit more interesting. The faucet is brass ant the handles are made from zinc alloy.

elegant gold taps

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The Myth Of The Dragon

Nobody knows for sure where the legend of the dragon first originated. Most scholars who have studied this have found no definite origin. Some believe that the myth of the dragon came from dinosaurs or other known ancient creatures. As with the unicorn the dragon is a popular mythical creature because of the mystery surrounding it's origins. Dragons are commonly featured in both old and new fantasy literature and film.

Dragons are creatures that have appeared throughout history in more than one culture. Both European and Asian cultures have their own ideas of what a dragon would have been like and what it looked like. In European and English culture dragons are often featured in stories about royalty and heroic deeds. The Chinese depictions of dragons are more serpent like than the English dragons. Asian folklore paint dragons as being creatures that symbolize power. The stories say that they have power over water and natural disasters involving water such as floods and typhoons. In the European stories they are depicted as flying dinosaur like creatures that breathe fire.

Humans have long been captivated by stories of mythical creatures. If you are someone who appreciates the legend of the dragon then you will probably find these taps to be pretty cool.

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