Swincar: Crazy Spider Car With Four Motors

Swincar: Crazy Spider Car With Four Motors

The designers/builders of this fun car have spent years developing and refining their inventions. Tilting technology allows this cool vehicle to move in a spider-like fashion as it navigates off-road terrain. Each of the wheels and axel arms operates independently. The wheels are equipped with their own suspension systems and motors. That's four motors and four independent sets of suspension.

It can travel easily over rough areas where there may be deep holes, hills or rocks.  It has been suggested that the Swincar would be perfect for navigating landscape on Mars. Take a look at the video of the Swincar in action below, and then check out this Mars Trek video to get a good look at the landscape on the surface of the red planet. After watching both of these videos it is clear that the Swincar technology may be useful for this purpose.

The Swincar is electric and the revolutionary tilting technology is supported by fully mechanical bases.  The battery life is approximately four hours.

According to the French inventors the Swincar is "A new reference in terms of sensations, comfort, and performance" and an "exclusive and patented concept of pendulum balance without electronics for total pleasure"

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