Summer Vibes

Sweet Potatoes in A Jar

Growing your own vegetables is a great way to save money and ensure that your produce is fresh. Sweet potatoes are an excellent choice because they are a rich source of Vitamin A.  One thing you need to know before attempting to grow sweet potatoes is that they do not grow in quite the same way as regular potatoes. With a regular potato you can bury it and it will grow.  Sweet potatoes must be started with plants. In order to grow a plant you can put your Sweet Potatoes in A Jar of water. 1 swwSweet Potatoes in A Jarimage source

They thrive in warm weather so it is best to grow them during the summer months. Another reason that sweet potatoes are a good choice for your garden is that they are very easy to store.  If stored in a cool room they can last for several months.  The flavor improves with time and many people store them before eating because of this.