Suspended Tree House Tent

This Suspended Tree House Tent is a fantastic camping solution that keeps you off the ground. This is beneficial in several ways. It means that you can seep safely without having to worry about animals prowling around and you won't be uncomfortable because of uneven or rough ground. In some places it can be difficult to find a suitable place to erect your tent. This one can be used wherever there are trees. Suspended Tree House TentThis tent is called Tentsile and it was designed by Alex Shirley-Smith. Alex is an architect and a designer of cool tree houses.Camping-on-a-Higher-Level-Suspended-Tree-Tent-01 Camping-on-a-Higher-Level-Suspended-Tree-Tent-02There are three sections inside the tent so that you and your family/friends can each have a private space. It is easy to carry when it is packed up so you can take it with you without extra hassle. Camping-on-a-Higher-Level-Suspended-Tree-Tent-03 Camping-on-a-Higher-Level-Suspended-Tree-Tent-04 Camping-on-a-Higher-Level-Suspended-Tree-Tent-05 Camping-on-a-Higher-Level-Suspended-Tree-Tent-07 Camping-on-a-Higher-Level-Suspended-Tree-Tent-08

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