Sunrise In Paradise Digital Art Cushion

Sunrise In Paradise Digital Art Cushion

The sunrise in paradise digital art cushion is more than just a pillow. It is also a unique one of a kind work of art. Many cushions feature standard designs or patterns. This one is different because it is not available elsewhere. You can not find it in any store and the digital design has been created using a cool method. This design is a fractal. Many artists create fractals using specifically designed software and no two are the same.

A fractal is a complex pattern that is infinite. Fractals are created using equations and applying them in unique and interesting ways. Artists use software to calculate specific equations over and over. Abstract fractals such as this one are a type of algorithmic art. Calculations are represented as images.

This particular cushion is beautiful because it features such lovely colors. The throw pillow the design is printed on measures 16 x 16 inches.

This design has been named Sunrise In Paradise by the artist because of the colors. The heavy weight wrinkle free fabric is easy to care for and the colors are vibrant. A high quality simplex knit fabric has been used. The cushions are made from polyester. You can get a cushion to suit any space because there are four different sizes. This includes square and rectangular styles.

Sunrise In Paradise Digital Art Cushion

Sunrise In Paradise Digital Art Cushion

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