Sugar Powered Cellphones

Thanks to a new prototype scientists have discovered that sugar powered cellphones may one day be possible. This new research is based on the way that sugar is converted to energy in the body via the metabolism process. Batteries of this kind are called Biobatteries.  They are powered by organic compounds. Biobatteries have been in development for quite some time and some amazing prototypes have been created. This newest development was the result of research carried out by Zhiguang Zhu, Tsz Kin Tam, Fangfang Sun, Chun You & Y. -H. Percival Zhang of Virginia Tech.

sugar powered cellphones


This research is important because biobatteries operate without the use of metals and chemicals. It has been estimated that clost to ninety-five percent of all batteries eventually end up in landfill.  As more and more technological advances bring us more devices the amout of batteries being disposed of is growing. This newest discovery by the researchers at Virginia Tech is ground breaking. They have designed a biobattery that is said to be capable of producing more output than commonly used lithium-ion batteries. This comparrison was done on a per weight basis.

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