Stylize Your House

Stylize Your House Interiors with Customised Wardrobes
It is common to find that most UK residents opt to have the interiors to their homes to be unique and as such homes tend to be a reflections one’s unique character. Most people tend to purchase finished houses or apartments or rent them. Such homes normally have built in wardrobes which in most cases are dull and devoid of any decorative clout whatsoever. A homeowner always has the option of having interior fittings customised to match his or her tastes and preferences.

It is our belief at Skon Design that there is no such thing as a one size to fit all interiors solution especially in situations when home owners seek to optimise, upgrade, renovate or customise on the available storage space. We offer customised storage systems, sliding wardrobe doors and furniture that match order specifications so desired by our customers. On our Skoni website we offer the customer with an option to design the most appropriate wardrobe design appealing to his or her style and preferences.
This straightforward online design tool allows one to create designs for sliding wardrobe doors which will conform to the customer’s interior space in the manner that he or she deems as perfect. He or she will also have the freedom and opportunity to select preferred colour shades as well as the finishes that best suit his or her preferences. One can also opt to choose a wardrobe design style from our brochure or catalogue and then proceed to modify it to fit his or her available interior space and more so match one’s desired finishing touch.1
There are also instances where our customers may seek to upgrade their existing wardrobes. This process entails a process where our team of expert technicians work towards meeting the expectations of the customer. He or she may require an additional shelf incorporated or even have the frame style or door design customised or upgraded. At Skoni, we work towards ensuring the customer’s idea is transformed into a splendid and tangible outcome.  2
There are different types of homes; some have ample space for the comfortable utilisation of available space while others come with standardised floor plans. As such, one can employ his or her imagination to have the available spaces used in the manner that is most appropriative to one’s lifestyle. At Skoni, this is indeed our speciality to ensure that no matter the space available, our client will have his or her house interior with the desired storage space. Our technicians have the expertise and experience to fit interior spaces with the customised wardrobes as reflected in the customer’s order details.4
A customer can opt to choose from a host of wardrobe designs. For instance, a customer can opt to go for wardrobes which extend from the floor to the ceiling and from wall to wall. Wardrobes can even be fitted in the most awkwardly designed interior space and still leave the interior having an interesting touch of class. As for the wardrobe interiors, we serve to ensure our customers maximise on the available storage space and more so allow room for the incorporation of innovative storage solutions either chosen by the customer or tailor suited by our expert interior designers to suit his or her precise needs. For the fitting phase, Skoni technicians will further ensure the wardrobe style chosen is tailored to suit your interior space. By scribing and cutting the frames, our technicians seek to ensure the wardrobe frames are a precise fit no matter the space available.

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