Summer Vibes

Stunning Mosaic Stone Murals

Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl create these Stunning Mosaic Stone Murals. These awesome designs are commissioned pieces that are created as interior and exterior decor. 1astone Stunning Mosaic Stone Murals 1astoneee 1astonne 1asttoneSome of these murals are created as structures such as walls and others are decorative pieces. They are built to last and are inspired by flowing forms present in nature. 1aassttone 1aastone 1aastonne 1aastooneEvery design is unique and the creators have attracted both private and professional clients. A fantastic way to enhance the decor of any setting in a modern yet natural way.

The website states that "We work collaboratively with both professional and private clients in the fields of architecture, construction, city planning or within the privacy of a home environment."