Squirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Squirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Adorable Squirrel Kitchen Accessories

Squirrels are so cute and if you are looking for a unique kitchen theme this is a good one. Many people choose kitchen themes based around animals or nature. Some are very common such as ducks, cows, chickens and dolphins. If you love the idea of featuring an animal in your kitchen than Squirrel Kitchen Accessories are a cool and out of the ordinary idea.

A Country Home

This is a theme that can give your home a real country style vibe or can be used in a more modern way. If you want a style that is more country then stick with traditional colors such as browns and tans. For a more modern look squirrel kitchen accessories are also available in a variety of interesting and modern colors.

Kitchen Decor Tips

  • If your kitchen is quite small decorate in pale colors. White with pops of color works well. The lighter color will give the illusion of space and your kitchen will seem bigger.
  • Maximize your space. Empty wall space can be used for shelving no matter how small the space is. Even a few small shelves will be useful for storing canisters etc.
  • Create a natural look by decorating with plants. Using natural light where possible works well also. Skylights and windows can completely change the vibe of your kitchen.
  • Create a unique look with tables or chairs that you paint yourself. Some great stuff can be found in second hand stores or at flea markets.
  • Show off your cookbook collection with custom shelves to house them.
  • Counter top dining can save space and is easy to set up. Simply place some stools at the counter.
  • Color is very important. Yellow creates a happy vibe that is fresh. Other fresh colors such as green do the same. Blues and greys help create a feeling of calmness. Blacks and reds work very well for modern kitchens.
  • If you have room in your kitchen for artwork or a feature wall it's a great idea. Creative kitchen tiles can also give a stunning effect.
  • Balance dark or rich colors with pale colors. Whites and metallics work very well.

Squirrel Rice Paddle


Available online here - uxcell Plastic Squirrel Shaped Non Stick Rice Paddle Spoon GraySquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

If you are someone who eats and prepares rice often then you will find a rice paddle to be a very useful tool. This one has been designed to look like a squirrel.

Tea Infusers


This is one for the tea lovers. A cute set of squirrel tea infusers. Any person who drinks tea will enjoy this cute item. Makes a great gift for a loved one. When serving tea using this with cute squirrel mugs will create a nice overall effect.

Get it here - DoubleVillages® 2 Pack Silicone Cute Squirrel Tea infuser /Tea Ball /Tea Strainer /Mesh Tea Strainer /Tea Filters for Loose Leaves TeaSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Elegant Tea or Coffee Set


An adorable tea or coffee cup set. Made from bone china and features and elegant squirrel design.

Available here - Cup and Saucer, FairTree Bone China Animal Coffee mug Set China Tea Cup Set with Saucer and Spoon (Squirrel girl)Squirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Squirrel Kitchen Accessories - Pot Holders


You will love this cute set of squirrel pot holders. The neutral colors will suit almost any kitchen.

Get them here - Caroline's Treasures Squirrel Faux Burlap & Brown Pair of Pot Holders BB1119-BL-BN-PTHD, 7.5HX7.5W, MulticolorSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Bottle Stopper


If you like the idea of a squirrels as a kitchen theme but don't like browns then grey is a good choice. Grey squirrel accessories such as this one work well in modern kitchens. Great if your kitchen has metallics, chromes or colors such as black and white.

Get it here - Conversation Concepts Squirrel Gray Bottle StopperSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Squirrel Kitchen Accessories - Tea Towels

Kitchen towels are the perfect idea as squirrel kitchen accessories. They are useful of course but can also be hung and displayed.

Ulster Weaves Woodland Squirrel

This woodland kitchen towel collection includes designs featuring three animals. A squirrel, a rabbit and an owl. Beautiful and creative tea towels made from 100% cotton.


Get it here - Ulster Weavers Woodland Squirrel Cotton Tea TowelSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Glory Haus Squirrel Kitchen Towel

A country style kitchen towel. Features a patchwork style design. This is a very unique design that works very well in any homestyle kitchen.


Check it out online here - Glory Haus Squirrel Tea Towel, 19 by 25-InchSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Embroidered Squirrel Tea Towel

Made to order embroidered kitchen towel. A beautiful and classic appeal. This is a wonderful choice if you are seeking squirrel kitchen accessories. The deep green shade creates a perfect fresh yet rich accent


Find out where to order this embroidered kitchen towel online here - Embroidered Kitchen Towel Woodland Squirrel SceneSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Squirrel Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are needed in every kitchen. You might store a cutting board on a kitchen bench for easy use. If this is the case then a decorative cutting board looks great.

Red Squirrel Glass Cutting Board

squirrel cutting board

Get it here - Red Squirrel Cutting Board

Squirrel Cutting Board - Squirrel Kitchen Accessories

squirrel glass cutting board

Available online here - Rikki Knight RK-LGCB-1096 Cute Red Squirrel Close-Up Glass Cutting Board, Large, WhiteSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Squirrel in Tree Cutting Board

A glass cutting board featuring a photograph of a squirrel in a tree.

squirrel in tree board

Available online here - Squirrel in Tree Cutting Board

Winter Squirrel Cutting Board

A beautiful wintery scene printed on a cutting board. Wonderful for cold weather feasts to display or use.

winter squirrel

Winter squirrel cutting board available here -Caroline's Treasures ASA2180LCB Grey Squirrel Glass Cutting Board, Large, MulticolorSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Squirrel Platters

Serving platters are wonderful decorative table accessories. They are not only useful but add a special touch to any dinner party. A very sweet and natural looking decor item. Perfect for serving acorns or other snacks.

Wooden Squirrel Platter

wooden squirrel platter

Available online here -Two's Company Hand Carved Squirrel with Acorn Sectional PlatterSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Squirrel Serving Tray

This tray comes with either a wood or black finish. It also comes in two different sizes. You can use this tray to serve food but also for other things. It can be used as a convenient way to transport drinks from the kitchen to a serving area. Also useful as dresser top bedroom storage.

squirrel serving tray

This serving tray is available online here - Squirrel Serving Tray

Silver Squirrel Tray

A beautiful handmade piece. Hand cast, hand painted and sand cast. A truly lovely serving bowl perfect for acorns or other treats.

silver squirrel tray

Silver tray available online here - Julia Knight Squirrel Cracker 9.75" Tray, One Size, ToffeeSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Centrepiece Tray

This stunning tray is the perfect table centrepiece. A gorgeous decorative tray for tea parties and dinner parties. Also a wonderful gift idea for a bridal shower or other occasion.

squirrel centrepiece

Get it here - Julia Knight Squirrel 21" Centerpiece Tray, One Size, ToffeeSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Squirrel Table Napkins

Napkins that are themed are perfect for dinner parties. They are also a wonderful way to compliment the general theme of your table setting.

squirrel napkins

Get them online here - Red Squirrel Napkins

Squirrel Party Napkins

These partying squirrels are so adorable. Perfect for any birthday or dinner party. Your guests are sure to love them.

squirrel party napkins

Available online here - Paperproducts Design Chipmunk Collection Vicki Sawyer Luncheon Paper Napkins (20 Pack), 6.5" x 6.5", MulticolorSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Snow Squirrel Napkins - Squirrel Kitchen Accessories

A beautiful idea for winter family meals. Sure to be adored y adults and children alike.

snow squirrel napkins

Available here - 20 Pc Napkins 3-ply Tissue 13"x13" Lunch Luncheon Christmas Winter Picture Bird Squirrel Table Dinnerware Home DecorSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Printed Brown Squirrel Napkins

Beautiful rustic style printed squirrel napkins. An adorable idea for a country home.

brown squirrel napkins

Get them here -Squirrel Screen Printed Cloth Napkins - Set of 4Squirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Squirrel Food Containers

Containers for storing food are essential in any kitchen. There is no reason that your containers need to be boring. You can search for food storage containers to suit the decor in your kitchen.

Squirrel Food Storage Jar

A glass storage jar perfect for keeping food fresh.

squirrel jar

Available online here - Squirrel Kitchen Jar

White Cookie Jar

Perfect for storing cookies or other treats. You will love this elegant white porcelain container. Looks great on a bench or on the table when entertaining.

squirrel container

Get it online here -IMM Living Comrade Container, SquirrelSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Resin Kitchen Container

squirrel jar kitchen

Squirrel Jar available here  -Food Storage Container of Forest Friends (Squirrel) Features Glass and Ornamental Resin Lid with Cork, Great for KitchenSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Squirrel Dinner Sets

Serving dinner is usually a daily occurrence. A special dinner set can help to set the scene for happy family meal times.

Childs Dinner Set

A 5 piece set designed for young children. Any child is sure to love this super cute set.

kids dinner set

Check it out online here -Kids Natural Bamboo Dinnerware Set,Set of 5 (Squirrel)Squirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

Cute Dinner Plate - Squirrel Kitchen Accessories

A playful squirrel design on a ceramic dinner plate. Use alone as a feature or as a set to serve meals.

squirrel dinner plate

Available online here - Bloomingville Ceramic Mollie Plate with Squirrel, MulticolorSquirrel Kitchen Accessories - Unique Kitchen Idea

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