Splendid Succulent Garden

Building a Splendid Succulent Garden is very easy to do. It can be completed in a small amount of time and requires minimal maintenance. Succulents are versatile and drought resistant and can be grown in small places. If you are short of outdoor space then a vertical succulent garden is a fantastic idea. There are many different varieties of plants to chose from in a range of colors. One of the most popular trends around at the moment is to recycle used items to create amazing succulent gardens. You can use almost anything you find and the result might just be cooler than you think! Splended Succulent Gardenvia

^This one has been made from an old bird feeder. A very effective hanging garden. 1 suuvia

^ A pair of shoes is a great place to grow succulents. You can use any type of shoe that you want. A good way to display a pair that you don't wear anymore.1 suup^ This creative garden has been designed to look like a pond with floating lilies. 1 suuuvia

^You can even turn an old chair into an eye catching garden.1 sssdOne of the coolest things about succulents is that they grow from cuttings. They also grow very quickly and are easy to get. The great starter kit shown in the above image is inexpensive and it contains 36 Spring succulents. Check it out here >> 36 Mixed Spring Succulents.

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