Spectacular GoPro Captures

Spectacular GoPro Captures

Most people know what a GoPro camera is and are aware of some of the amazing images that have been captured by Gopro users.  The versatility of these cameras is amazing and the available accessories enable users to capture footage and photographs at never before seen angles. Here are a few inspiring examples of things people have captured.

Check out this amazing image of the grand canyon, it looks as if it might be an image provided by NASA or some other space exploration agency. However, it was actually taken by an Imgur user with the user name of chanmnb.

Spectacular GoPro CapturesSource: chanmnb/Imgur

"So, me and some friends launched a weather balloon in Arizona. Here's an awesome picture of Earth that the side GoPro captured at around 98,000 ft. The Grand Canyon is near the top left part of the frame." wrote chanmnb

Below is the amazing video footage that was captured by this camera.


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