Sound Activated Car Equalizer Sticker

Sound Activated Car Equalizer Sticker

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Sound Sensitive Smart Sticker Car Equalizer

These days everything is getting smarter! Now we bring you the smart sticker. This sticker is sound sensitive and functions as an equalizer for your car. The built in graphic equalizer means that this car equalizer sticker can dance! It lights up at night to give your car a very cool and unique look that will most certainly attract attention everywhere that you go. Be careful though! Depending on where you stick it and where you are driving it may be illegal to have it on your car if you place it somewhere it obscures your vision. Never mind though, you could always stick on a window in your home or somewhere else!

Sound Activated

The built in graphic equalizer is sound activated so it will respond to all sound not just music, so there are definitely many cool places you could use this.

Features and Specifications:

  • Easy installation
  • Costs less than your last take-out meal.
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Double faced adhesive tape for attaching it anywhere.
  • Removable protective membrane which can be removed if you wish to stick it to glass or your back windshield.
  • 0.35mm thick
  • Lights up at night.
  • 45cm x 11cm
  • A 3m converter cable is included.
  • A 1.2m cable that connects to your car cigarette lighter is also included.
  • Blue LED light.

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