Sony QRIO Robot

Sony QRIO Robot

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Sony QRIO (Quest for cuRIOsity) Bipedal Robot

The Sony QRIO was a bipedal humanoid entertainment robot consisting of three powerful microprocessors, seven microphones, 30 motor actuators, 3 accelerometers and 2 CCD cameras. Even though QRIO is no longer being developed it was ahead of it's time and there are several stand out features that make it a very worthwhile and memorable development.

The QRIO was recognised by The Guiness Book Of Records in 2005 as being the first bipedal robot capable of running. This was an amazing development and the research involved has contributed to more modern developments.

This little robot was only 2 feet tall and was designed for the purpose of entertaining. Not only can it run but it can dance as well, adorable!

QRIO was also used to to collect data allowing researchers to analyze robot and human interaction. The robot was placed with 18 - 24 month old children and it was found that the children learned to treat the robot as if it was another human being. They felt comfortable helping it back to it's feet when it fell and even shunned it and became annoyed when it was programmed to dance non stop !

You can read more about this study here ~

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