Smartphone Projectors

Turn your little screen into a big screen with one of these cool smartphone projectors. You can create an instant movie night anywhere you go. Also great for presentations or showing photographs to friends and family. If you like playing games on your smartphone or ipad, you can now play them bigger! There are several different smartphone projectors available that range in price. Most of them are completely portable and easy to use. There are also DIY projector instructions at the end of this article. proj proji projii ^ The projector shown above is the Luckies smartphone projector.  It comes flat and you need glue to assemble it. It is lightweight and the approximate projector size i 21x17x10 cm. The Luckies Smartphone Projector is available here ~ CLICK TO SHOP

ipico 1 ipico ^ This is the ipico. The ipico is a handheld smartphone projector that operates via the free ipico app. It can project on surfaces up to 50 feet away. The long battery life allow it to run for up to 90 minutes at a time. The ipico is available here ~ CLICK TO SHOP

pocket p pocket projector pocket ^ This is the 100-Lumen Mobile HDMI Pocket Projector.  A portable projector that connects via a HDMI cable to most smartphones, tablets, computers, video players, cameras etc. Includes HDMI cable, Micro HDMI adapter, Mini HDMI adapter and AC adapter. Also features Dual built-in speakers and focus control. The 100-Lumen Mobile HDMI Pocket Projector is available here                             ~ CLICK TO SHOP

projector dock ^ A Pocket Projector for iPhone 5 5s, iPhone 4 4s Devices. Built-in with internet player, an Android-based 4.2.2 OS microcomputer, for internet access through Wi-Fi to project internet frames independently. Beside docking the iPhone, you can stream wirlessly from any Wifi tablet or smartphone. connect via wifi or hot spot on your smartphone. The Pico Projector for iPhone 5 5s is available here ~ CLICK TO SHOP.




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