Smart Garden: The 2016 Must-Have

Smart Garden: The 2016 Must-Have

We have all heard of smart phones, smart security devices, smart computers and smart cars. Now the smart technology is expanding into your garden allowing you the option of controlling the lighting from your phone or tablet. Smart garden lighting is not more complicated than any indoor lighting installation. You use the same fixtures, the same wiring; everything is the same. The difference comes when you exchange the regular switch into wireless, smart switches which are connected to a Smart hub.

Now that you are having this new technology installed, think outside the box and transform your garden into a magical place. Remember, everything is controlled by your phone or tablet so there is no need for you to keep adjusting the lighting. What else can you do besides a flood light and a few patio lights? Read on for further details:

Audio System – you can now have your music playing during your next outdoor party through waterproof speakers. No more carrying the old boom box or IPOD from room to room.

Visual- you will be able to watch and listen to all of the current stations or any other of your TV’s input devises to show special events, sports or home movies from the comfort of your garden. You control everything from your phone or tablet.

Security- you can now add security measures throughout your garden, you will be notified when an intruder enters your property. These devises include pressure sensors, cameras and timers. Add the extra security to ensure that you, your family and your belongings are kept safe at all times.

Warmth- by installing waterproof heaters throughout the garden, you will be able to enjoy your garden in all types of weather, except for extreme cold. It makes your garden from a one season oasis to a three season wonderland.

Irrigation- installing sprinkler system that are controlled by your phone, you will be able to water your plants and lawn during optimum times while you are at work or busy doing other things.
By integrating some or all of these technologies into your garden, you will assist in the growth and development of your garden. The warmth, water, light and the attention that they demand can be controlled remotely.

With the help of Garden Lighting by Design, you can transform your garden into a winter wonderland. Add the music, dim the lights, and project a snow scene and you will be transported to the North Pole. Tired of the cold and snow, then change the scenery with your Smart phone and you can relax on the beach in the tropics.

Garden Lighting by Design, not only transform your home and garden into a technological show house, but they also install pergodas which are also retractable. You can enjoy your summer parties without the sun beating down on you or a light rain ruining your plans.

Garden Lighting by Design, located in Cheshire, England, has been in business for the last 14 years. They have a team of professional designers who will listen to your needs and construct a plan that makes the most out of your garden. Not only do they provide the needed technology but they also can provide you with the electrical supply that is needed for your garden. They can design and install an ordinary garden or a large, country estate. Whatever your needs, they will meet them.
Now, with your garden wired to your phone, you can dial in what you want to be ready when you arrive home. Set the mood with dimmers and you can have a relaxing evening with your family and friends.

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