Sleeping Under Stars

Sleeping Under Stars

Sleeping outside under the stars is a cool idea. It's not always practical though. You may not want to be exposed to the weather or other things such as insects. Here are some cool ways to simulate the effect of Sleeping Under Stars without having to go outside.

1. The Cosmos BedThe-Cosmos-Bed-01

Source: Natalia Rumyantseva/Behance

The awesome Cosmos Bed allows you to feel like you are sleeping under the stars while you are comfortable in your own home. This cool bed is also equipped with a sound system. A perfect place to relax at any time of the day. You might not want to ever get out of bed!

2. Glow In The Dark Stars

Glow in the dark stars are not just for children. You can create amazing artwork with these things. They look absolutely stunning when you turn out the lights. Arrange them to create your favorite constellations or to make shapes.glow in the dark stars room

Packs of glow in the dark stars are inexpensive. There are packs available that also contain planets and other shape.

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3. Beauty Star Light

The Beauty Star light is another way to replicate Sleeping Under Stars. It is a projector night light. An inexpensive option costing only $ lightSee It Here

4. Fairy Lights

Sleeping Under Stars

Using fairy lights to create a spectacular display is a very popular choice. These look stunning and there are many different ways to display them.

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