Ski Fashion Through The Ages

Brought to you by Snozone

Winter is here! And if you’re lucky enough you’ll probably be heading off to Europe to sample some of the finest Skiing resorts the world has to offer. Whether you’re a snow fanatic or a first timer, there’s nothing like being up in the mountains experiencing the breathtaking views and taking part in exhilarating sports.

It’s not just the taking part though; you have to look good while doing it. ‘Ski Sheik’ is a phenomenon that’s taken hold over the past couple of decades and is now an essential part of the overall experience.
Looking at the infographic below you can see how styles and trends have transferred onto the slopes. In the 1920’s we had the clunky lo-tech approach coinciding with the first ever Winter Olympics, in the 1970’s we had the loud aerodynamic suit which helped spawn extreme sports and in 2010 we have the modern snow jacket and trousers combo, maximising both style and comfort.
Have a look below and see what style you enjoyed best!

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