Simple Idea That Could Save $400 million

Simple Idea That Could Save $400 million

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and that is the case right here. A 14-year-old boy named Suvir Mirchandani has figured out a simple idea that could save the US government $400 million in printing costs. He has suggested that the government could save this huge amount of money by simply changing fonts.

That's right, changing fonts. He has suggested that $400 million less could be spent each year by changing from Times New Roman to Garamond. That is because each letter printed using Garamond is thinner and lighter. Switching to Garamond would mean that 25% less ink is used. 

His teachers were very impressed by his findings and encouraged Suvir to publish his work. The US government spends about 1.8 billion dollars per year on printing official documents. When it was suggested that they use Suvir's findings to make changes they declined. A spokesperson stated that no commitment would be made to changing the font. The focus would instead be on efforts to shift more content to the web.

“I recognize it’s difficult to change someone’s behavior,” Suvir told CNN. “That’s the most difficult part. I definitely would love to see some actual changes and I’d be happy to go as far as possible to make all that change possible. Consumers are still printing at home, they can make this change too.”

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